Arrogant Bastard

Dark Desires, Book #3

By Zara Cox

ISBN13: 9781478970262

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I’m known as the Black Widow because the desires I hide inside are pure poison.

I was a different person once. Faith, a young wife, hoping to become a mother. My life was pleasant. Stable. It was hell. Until Killian Knight opened my eyes to a world of espionage and intrigue. He saw something in me, something I was too afraid to acknowledge. I didn’t want to be excited by the danger. Didn’t want to crave the wicked passion only he could provide. But I did want, so now I run.

And I pay.

I never meant to corrupt her, but I’m not sorry.

After all, I’m already damned.

After four years of searching and longing, I’ve finally found her. Faith, the one person in the world I breathe for. She lives beneath my skin as surely as I wear proof of our transgressions inked on my body. And like the forbidden fruit that doomed us from the beginning, our end is inevitable. We lived with no regret. We loved without inhibition. We betrayed those closest to us. We killed for that love. Now…we will burn in hell together.


In Arrogant Bastard, we get to learn about the mysterious manager of Axel’s Rutherford punishment club, Black Widow, or as her past knows her, Faith. Four years ago, Faith decided to run from her past and the man she loved. Now, after she makes a mistake and decides to visit her boss’s apartment to help him in Black Sheep, her profile is caught in a security camera and she is found. Killian Knight has finally found her, he’s been looking for her since the day she disappears from the hospital where she was after the last mission they were in together. Now, Faith has to work together with Killian to finally finish the assignment and take down a human traffic group.

The story was good. I liked the character of Faith and all about the mission and the revenge that existed against her. Killian was an okay character, he came out as very obsessive and possessive regarding Faith. Still, I liked that he was prepared to do anything to keep Faith safe, even though it means kidnap her.

I liked the how they used the memory scene and incorporated into the narrative.  It’s interesting how they first made the reader get involved in the past life of Faith when she worked with Killian, and what made her leave him in such mysterious way. As a reader, it didn’t take me so long to realize what was the penance that Faith had over herself, and what took her way for Killian.

Arrogant Bastard is a little more different than its predecessors in the series. While is still a book under the genre of erotic and contemporary romance with its steamy sex scenes, the story more of the base of a romance with the two characters trying to get to know each other again. Still, I think that Killian used to much sex as a weapon against Faith when trying to get her to stay with him.

The final confrontation scene felt rapid and let the reader wanting more than just a standoff between two parties. Also, the betrayal of a character didn’t fit quite right with the story that it’s a portrait, given that they are supposed to be a super-secret organization. But still, these are small things that ticked me off.

The story mentions of characters from the previous books in the series, given that Faith or “B” as we meet her first is friends with Alex and Cleo from Black Sheep. We also see Fionnella Smith again, I wish we could learn more about her and her ties to all the characters. I will also like to read more about Mitch and Linc, who work for Killian, and learn about their history with him and together.

If you are a fan of Zara Cox and her work such as, Dark Desires, then I recommend you Arrogant Bastard. In this story, it doesn’t matter how fast you run or how well you hide yourself, the past is always ready to come back and bite you, it just takes a simple mistake that you didn’t know you took. In this case, the past for Faith is Killian, and he will everything he can to get her back.

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