Aron Warner’s Pariah Issue 3

Austin Texas 2023

Robert Maudsley, a 15 year old boy (a Vitros): We first see a glimpse into how the gets what he wants…..

He chillingly explains how he set up a bank robbery to observe the uncertainty of humans. Who might survive a bank robbery? Robert doesn’t care who lives or dies.


Robert sees a TV story about him that he doesn’t like. He had no idea there were other Vitros….

Robert would like to apply the model of the bank robbery to the whole city. He starts looking for his first victim…’s Hyde. Hyde wants all Vitros to live on an island separate from the majority of the population. Hyde offers him control of the other Vitros, will Robert accept?


Wow, Robert is a narcissistic asshole! But he’s really dangerous in such a devious way. His parents wanted to use him, to make money. It’s sad but no excuse for using his gifts to manipulate. He takes what he wants with no qualms about it.

What the hell is wrong with the parents in the Pariah stories??? They’re all shallow and not above using their kids or turning them in to the Police.

Robert chillingly describes the ways he manipulates people into doing his bidding. Even a trained psychologist is no match for Robert’s intellect.
I hope he’s stopped before he can do more damage. Send Lila over to kick his ass, he needs to be bitch-slapped!

Great story, although Robert is seriously creepy! I’m hoping some of the Vitros will see through Hyde and Robert.