Pariah 1 review

Aron Warner’s Pariah Issue 2

What can dark matter be used for?

Montana Marinus Labs 2025 – many of the Vitros are employed at the Lab. A biological weapon, a virus, was created in the Lab and Lila was set up to take the fall. The Vitros go on the run. Lila Ellerman is the De facto leaders of the escaped Vitros.

The Vitros are being hunted although the hunters balk at killing kids. When the hunters venture too close to their hideout, the Vitros attack them and manage to scare them off.

Online, they’re being labeled as terrorists and a black-ops group has traced their signal. Franklin Hyde shows up to warn them, but who is he???


I love Lila! She’s assertive and not afraid to fight for what she believes in. When a fellow Vitros challenges her position, she puts him in his place.
She’s snarky and pretty darn good at being their leader. In short, she’s a bad ass!

My favorite quote from Lila “A week ago, I’d never given a thought on how I might be able to make a grown man shit himself.” LOL!

Aron Warner is a talented writer, this installment is better than the last one. The story draws you in from the beginning. There’s just enough secondary character development to get you emotionally involved.

It’s Lila’s character that blew me away. She’s multi-dimensional. I hope to see more of her story soon.