Archangel’s War

Guild Hunter, Book #12

By Nalini Singh

ISBN# 9780451491664

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Raphael and Elena finally awaken from their sleep, neither knowing what to expect or even how long they were out.  The chrysalis was too small for Elena and it ended up costing her the wings she had grown to love.  She is devastated to be grounded, once again, after discovering the joy of flight.  However, the cascade has caused strange things to happen and all hope is not lost.

Strange things are happening across the globe, causing several ancients to awaken from their sleep before they are ready.

Lijuan’s power is growing and she’s found a new way to cross the moral line, using children to infiltrate other lands.  She now believes herself to be a Goddess, and when she finally brings war to the cadre, they discover that she just might be indestructible. 

I’ve struggled with this series for the last several books, and this has by far been the hardest one for me to read.  I find books about fighting and war to be incredibly boring therefore this story just didn’t hold my interest.  It took me over a month to finish reading it, although it didn’t help that I was also moving during that time!  I feel horrible giving it such a low rating, but I just didn’t like it.

I’m hoping now that the war is over that the series will get better, if it doesn’t end altogether.  I would assume we’d at least get books on the rest of the Seven still so I imagine there is more series to go.  I’m desperately waiting for Illium’s book!  The Seven books do seem to be my favorites of the series so with any luck, we’ll get another one soon!

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