Archangel’s Prophecy

Guild Hunter, Book #11

By Nalini Singh

ISBN# 9780451491640

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*Beware of spoilers*

Elena has started noticing strange things, the sparrows acting weird, and seeing ghost-like white owls that nobody else sees.  Then, her body starts to regress, she’s losing strength, having unexplained episodes of pain, she is always hungry, and then loses the ability to communicate mind-to-mind with Raphael.  She starts hearing an ancient voice in her head that foretells her death.  One must die so the other can live.  Nobody can remember any other Angel-Made to compare what’s happening to Elena to now.  She and Raphael assume what’s happening is more cascade weirdness, but if they can’t find a solution, Raphael could lose his consort and his sanity.  He knows without Elena he will turn into a powerful monster.

Meanwhile, someone has tried to kill Elena’s brother-in-law, Harrison.  Now he fears for his wife and daughter’s lives.  Harrison is in a coma and can’t help Elena figure out who hurt him or why so she must find out on her own.  She may be dying, but she’ll be sure to find a way to protect her family before she goes!

Also, strange things are happening in China.  The Cadre fears that Favashi could be showing the first signs of madness.  It appears she is preparing to strike at another territory and the other archangels must band to together to protect what is theirs.

This book started out well enough.  I actually thought this might be an Elena and Raphael story that I would like (it’s been awhile since I read one of those).  It had all the makings of what I believed was going to be an emotional story.  Sadly, it really wasn’t.  The book focused more on Elena’s physical decline and her mission to find out who is killing vampires and therefore was a threat to Beth and Maggie.  I found the mystery interesting, especially once the killer was discovered.  I just wanted more emotion though!  We saw Elena’s hopelessness and determination and Raphael’s rage, but all in small doses.  I wanted the gut-wrenching emotion I crave, but it wasn’t to be.

The ending of this book had much to be desired.  I’m not one to get upset when books end on a cliffhanger, but I wouldn’t even consider this a cliffy (although I’m sure some others would).  I felt it was more of a non-ending.  Raphael and Elena wake up from their sleep, for lack of a better term.  We must wait for the next book to find out what has changed and what they are now.  I absolutely hate that, but we have no choice but to wait. *Sigh*

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