Archangel’s Enigma

Guild Hunter, Book #8

By Nalini Singh

ISBN# 9780425251263

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archangels-enigma-nalini-singhNaasir has seen others in the Refuge find their mates and he’s decided that it’s time to find his.  But Raphael is delaying those plans by sending him on a mission to find the ancient, Alexander’s sleeping place before Lijuan finds and kills him.  And Raphael is saddling him with a scholar to help him, one who took a vow of celibacy, something a mate of his would never do!

Andromeda is on a race against the clock.  In a few short weeks she is to return to her grandfather’s territory and take her place in his court where she must serve 500 years.  Charisemnon will demand she torture people while in his service, and if she refuses will be tortured herself.  She’s not sure how she will survive 500 years there and if she will be the same person when she comes out on the other side.  So, she is cherishing every moment she has left as she and Naasir try to save Alexander.  She’s even considering breaking her celibacy vow, but Naasir refuses to let her break her honor, he will find the Star Grimoire that will release her from her vow, even though it is believed to be a myth.  His mate is worth it after all.

“Stupid Grimoire Book”

I found this book had a slow start, but once Naasir and Andromeda’s relationship started progressing the book got much more interesting.  I wasn’t sure how Naasir would be in a relationship, but he proved to be pretty loyal and protective.  I enjoyed finding out what he was and learning about the horrors of his past; seeing the person he became, despite of it all.

After how this book ended, I can only assume and hope the next book will finally be one about Illium … there is a lot going on with him and I can’t wait to read all about it.  And, for him to get a love interest of his own!

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