Aprilynne Pike: Wings

Brought to us by OBS staff member Katlyn

Laurel, a young, home-schooled teen, moves away from her childhood home with her parents. She starts public school and soon realizes how different from the human world she is. With the help of her friend David she soon discovers the reason she feels out of place, she is a faerie. She is then plunged into the world of so called “make believe” and realizes her task of protecting her family and her true home.

This story understands the hardships that most teens face. The awkwardness and self-consciousness that teens feel during high school and first love is explored. But this story adds a bit of make believe and adventure that makes it a great ride.

The way that Aprilynne explored the world of faeries was very refreshing. She took a very simple girl and made her anything but. And as always the faithful sidekick of a friend was there, which made this story really fun to read. I also enjoyed the romantic triangle between the main characters and all three characters were very real and easily relateable to. For example: the use of how loving someone can make life that much more exciting and confusing is easily relateable to many readers.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to escape the real world for a bit and jump into an exciting world that exists right among us. I truly cannot wait for the continuation of the series.

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