Another Backwards Christmas

By Brooke Williams


Author’s Website: www(.)goodreads(.)com(/)brookewilliams


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Rob Joleigh has been burned by Christmas too many times. He takes his freelance writing career seriously and his claim to fame happens to be de-bunking Christmas festivities in towns across America. When he lands in South Pole, Alaska, he has one plan in mind…to get to the bottom of the whole ‘Backwards Christmas’ idea and spoil the holiday for as many people as possible.

Holly Howard knows there’s more to life than leading Backwards Christmas tours in South Pole, but she’s happy with her job, town, and friends. The only thing missing is someone to share it all with, but in a small town, it’s hard to meet new people. When a handsome writer comes into town, she’s intrigued, and hopeful that he could be that person. But she has no idea he’s the famous “Jolly Robber.”

It’s not just any Backwards Christmas in South Pole, Alaska as the backwards celebrations rage and the town comes together to show their spirit in full force!


When I came across Another Backwards Christmas I was intrigued. With a title like that, why wouldn’t I be?  So after reading the summary I knew this would be a Christmas themed romance and right up my alley for pure entertainment during the holiday season. My propensity is not for short stories as I am usually left wanting more, so I did start reading with a bit of trepidation. By the end of the book, that trepidation was dispelled.

Right off the bat I was hooked. The cover art was perfect – a beautiful Christmas tree – upside down. Brilliant is all I have to say because it definitely caught my eye!

They called him “The Jolly Robber.” And the moniker was fitting, really. Rob Joleigh bumped along beside dozens of other tourists making their way to the small town of South Pole, Alaska. He sighed. Spontaneous Christmas caroling had broken out. Hadn’t he endured enough on the long, delayed flight from Chicago to Anchorage?”

So the male protagonist is a curmudgeon with respect to Christmas…that is to be expected.  The female protagonist is named ‘Holly’… that also is not a big surprise ☺ …and a town tour guide. What was a surprise was that this short novella had some depth along with the humor (which was a wonderful addition to the love story).

I was totally intrigued by one oddity in this town –  ‘inside out’ hot chocolate drinks. Now I really need to try that!  Other Christmas traditions are upside down and backwards – for example the mistletoe is on the ground as opposed to hanging from above and one tradition I could get behind – presents are given to Santa.

I just may need to add a few more books by Brooke Williams on to my to be read pile. If you are looking for a quick read with a feel good ending, love and romance and of course Christmas…then this just may be your book.