Annette Blair
Vampire Dragon
Works Like Magick, Book #3

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

After Bastian’s success on the Earth plane, it’s now Darkwyn’s turn.  He is the third dragon to be turned back to a human and sent to Earth.  His mission is to find his heart mate and make her goals his own.  Darkwyn never expected to find his female quite so easily.  She showed herself shortly after his journey to Earth.  He rushed his training to go work for her and once he felt she was in danger, he couldn’t wait anymore.

He showed up at her door and they quickly fell in bed together and she made him the Master Vampire at her club for the undead, even though he’s not a vampire himself.

They quickly discover that they both have deadly enemies they are trying to avoid.  For him it’s the same enemy all his brothers have, Killian, who wants to make the dragons’ missions on Earth fail.  And for Bronte, it’s her mob family that her and her nephew, Zachary, have fled from.

They eventually have to quit running and face their rivals head-on.  And they learn that they can face and overcome any obstacles, if they do it together, in the process.

I’ll be honest; after reading the first book in this series, Naked Dragon, I did not want to read this one.  But it was sent to me by the publisher and I decided to read it out of obligation.  Was it a great read?  No.  Was it better than Naked Dragon?  Slightly.

There were several things from Naked Dragon that were repeated in this installment as tends to happen in series.  Darkwyn was sent from the Island of Stars, his mission was to find his heart mate, he had the same deformity Bastian did, and he also couldn’t wait for his training to be done and left early, etc, etc, etc.

I did find that there was a little bit more of a storyline in this book with Bronte running from her mobster family and them both wanting to protect the other.  And I’m happy to say that Darkwyn’s “man lance” was not the main character of this story, like I felt Bastian’s was in Naked Dragon.  Although Darkwyn seemed to have a one-track mind from the very beginning, and seemed like quite the little horn-ball, his deformed member not causing the problems you would think it would (I personally would be running for the hills)!  But Bronte was almost as bad as him so I guess that makes them perfect for each other.

This book was just OK in my opinion.  I felt the author did make improvements, but it’s still not at the caliber I would like to see and I’m doubtful about continuing the series.