Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion

Alexis Dormal, Dominique Roques

ISBN# 9781626720206

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Jerjen

anna-banana-and-the-chocolate-explosionAnna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion is an adorable children’s book about Anna Banana and her five stuffed animal friends attempting to bake a cake.  They all decide to work together,except for Bear, who decides to make his cake by himself.  Anna and her friends make a huge mess with chocolate batter flying everywhere, flour being dumped all over and everyone being covered in the mess.  When Bear reappears with a nice looking cake, everyone is amazed that he was able to make it so quickly and nicely.  When he decides to make another, Anna and the rest of the gang decide to spy on him to see how he did it.  What they discover surprises them.

This book is written to entertain young children and it sure hit the mark with my granddaughter.    The words used are age-appropriate and will be easily understood and the sentences are short enough to hold a child’s attention.  Children will think that the mess that is made is funny and they can relate to it.  What child does not want to bake something and not worry about how messy things get.  Even some adults may like the idea of that.  The illustrations are colorful and vivid and add a lot to the story, showing the disaster that happens when the gang tries baking and the fun that Anna and her friends are having.  The cover of the book is a glimpse into the funny disaster.  The writing style and illustrations are a perfect blend for a younger reader.  There is even a little life lesson to be learned about telling the truth and not being deceitful.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun book to read to the children in their life.  This book would make a good addition to a family library or at schools and preschools  Treat the young child in your life to this great funny book, they will not be disappointed.