3 Star rating
Angel’s Flight
Guild Hunter novellas
By Nalini Singh
ISBN# 9780425246818
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

angels-flight-nalini-singhAngel’s Flight is a compilation of four short stories that go along with the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh.  I’ve decided to break this review down by story.


2 star rating
Angels’ Pawn

Ashwini has been given an assignment by the powerful angel, Nazarach.  Knowing the power associated with the angel she enlists the help of one of her usual targets, Janvier.

There is a feud brewing between a few of Nazarch’s vampires which has led to the supposed kidnapping of young vampire, Monique.  Ashwini has been tasked with recovering the young vamp and returning her to Nazarach.  But upon investigation it appears that Monique wasn’t kidnapped, but went willingly.  Can Ashwini and Janvier work together to convince Monique to go with them back to Nazarach?  Or will the growing feelings between the two get in the way?

I’ve heard great things about this series and I absolutely love Singh’s Psy-Changeling series so I knew I had to give Guild Hunter a shot!

I had a hard time following the hierarchy of the angels and vampires explained in the beginning chapters of this novella.  But after figuring out the layout of the world and how everybody fit into it, the story flowed smoothly.  Unfortunately, I found this story to be a bit bland for my liking.  I’m hoping that it was just due to all the information that had be relayed to the reader and that the series will improve from here on out.

3 Star rating

Angels’ Judgment

Sara Haziz is a hunter with the Guild and she was just offered the position as Guild Director, now that her boss, Simon is stepping down.  Whether to take the position or not is something Sara doesn’t take lightly, but everybody already acts like she’s accepted.  She promises Simon to have a decision after her current case is over.

The case?  A hunter is killing vampires and it’s up to Sara and the Guild’s slayer, Deacon, to determine who it is and find a way to stop him!

This was a pretty good story.  I read Angels’ Blood before reading this, so I had already been introduced to Sara and Deacon.  But it was nice seeing how they got their start and left me wanting more of them!

Although, the first sex scene seemed a bit abrupt, which I’m sure is due to the need to rush things with it being a novella.  They are a sweet and fun couple and I hope to see more of them throughout the series!

“After this is over, I want a shower in a really big bathroom.”

“I’ll get us the penthouse.”

“What makes you think you’ll be sharing it with me?”

“I live in hope.”

This is a fun and quick read that is definitely worth the time.

4 star rating
Angel’s Wolf

Noel was a victim of a brutal attack and torture at the hands of others.  His physical wounds have long healed, but his emotional wounds are still fresh and exposed.  Before his attack, he was in line for a prestigious position in the Towers, but now Raphael has sent him to New Orleans to be a part of Nimra’s court.  A move that speaks volumes to Noel saying that he is no longer worthy to work under the Archangel of New York and that Raphael has thrown him away like so much rubbish.

But shortly after his arrival at Nimra’s court, she pulls him aside and tells him how someone in her court tried to poison her and killed her beloved pet instead.  His job is to find out who the betrayer is.

Not everybody is happy with Noel’s arrival, especially the angel Christian who fancies a relationship with Nimra.

I found myself enjoying this story although I think the lead character being a victim of torture is beginning to be a little too repetitive for me, especially after reading Archangel’s Blade.  But this story was still a good read and I liked Noel’s wit and dry humor.

“I won’t take advantage of you. Today, I’ll be your friend.”

“Fen has been my friend for decades,” she said, sliding her arm into his when he offered it to her. “And he never presumed to put his mouth on mine.”

“Obviously I’ll be a different kind of friend.”

This story is a nice way to spend a couple of hours, especially when you’re in between Guild Hunter releases and need a vampire fix!

2 star rating

Angels’ Dance

Jessamy was born with a deformed wing that has left her permanently grounded, despite Keir’s best attempts to fix it.  She has subjected herself to a life of solitude not wanting men to court her out of pity and knowing that she’d never allow herself to have children and chance them having the same deformity.  Instead, she fills her days with writing the races histories and teaching the children of the Refuge.  But everything changes when one of Titus’s angel’s transfers to Raphael’s territory and becomes his new weapons master.  Can this barbarian soften her heart and show her exactly what she’s been missing all these years?

Unlike the other stories in this book, I recognized the female lead, Jessamay from the previous Guild Hunter books and knew all about her wing.  It was nice to see her romance unfold.  But overall I was a little bored with it.  It had such an incredibly slow build-up and whenever you think it’s finally going something would happen to put it at a standstill; Galen standing back to let her choose on her own, them being separated while he’s at the towers.  Yadda Yadda Yadda.  And, the one thing I expected to happen at the end of this book never came to pass.

I really wanted to like this story, but it was just average … nothing more.

Overall Thoughts:

I thought this was an okay anthology.  It gives you a little more insight into the Guild Hunter world, but nothing in this book is life-shattering.  You could easily skip it and not lose anything in the series story arc.  This may be one you want to read, not buy, unless you are collecting the whole series.