4 star

And I Love Her

Green Mountain Romance, book #4

By Marie Force

ISBN# 9780425275498

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and-i-love-herMegan Kane’s world is falling apart once again.  Ten years ago she and her sister lost their parents in a terrible accident.  Now Megan is losing her older sister and brother-in-law because they are moving out of the country for a job opportunity.  She is also losing the diner that her sister owns, and her work family.  Her heart is breaking but she is trying to not let her sister know.  She does not know what she will do with her life or how she will survive without her sister.

Hunter Abbott is the chief financial officer for his family business.  He likes his life to be orderly and he has always been the responsible one.  He is the one who tries to help others and does what he can to  right the wrongs that happen to those he cares about.  He is pretty much all work and no play.  When he sees Megan crying and sees how much she is hurting he wants to help her.  And the fact that he has had feelings for Megan for a long time causes that need to help her to be overwhelming.  He does not know what he is going to do but he knows that he must find a way to let Megan know how he feels and convince her that they would be good together.  But that will be an almost impossible task.

Megan is no stranger to the Abbott family.  She has been in love with Hunter’s brother Will for a long time.  The fact that the feelings have been one-side has not lessened Megan’s feelings for Will.  But when Will falls for another girl, Megan must face the facts that she will never have Will.  She begins to see Hunter in a different light, not just as Will’s brother but a person that she would like to get to know better.

But Megan has a problem with commitment.  She is afraid that if she begins to get close to someone else that person will leave her and she will be alone again.  She is also ashamed of her behavior in her past.  She has done things that she is not proud of and does not feel she is worthy of anyone’s love.  She has a lot to work through if she is ever going to find happiness with Hunter or anyone else.

There are some things I really like about this book and some things that I am not as happy with.  I enjoyed the family dynamics of the Abbott clan.  There was teasing and bantering whenever they got together and I enjoyed this. You could tell that the family has a deep love for each other and would do anything to help each other out.   Hunter’s grandfather and father were shamelessly trying to meddle in Hunter’s love life and I thought this was funny.  The fact that they were not in the book enough is one thing I was not happy with.  I wanted to learn more about them and spend more time with them.  Although there is  family interactions throughout the entire book, I wanted there to be even more.  I guess I will have to read the other books in the series to spend that time with them.

Another thing I was not too happy with is how I kept being reminded how much Hunter wanted Megan.  After the first twenty to thirty times of being told, I got it.  It seemed like the first twenty five percent of the book was spent letting the reader know this fact.  It got tiresome and too repetitive for me.  And at times I could not even understand why he was so hung up on her.  I would have liked to spend more time reading about Megan and Hunter’s dates and their getting to know each other. This did improve later in the book and there is more of their interactions so I enjoyed the book more the farther I  read.  This is just my opinion and other readers may not feel this way at all.

At the beginning of the chapters there are short inspirational thoughts and sayings.  I thought this was unique and I really enjoyed that they were included.  Reading them gave me ideas to think about in my own life, and that is always a good thing.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The characters are well developed and although I did not always like Megan or understand Hunter, I wanted to get to know them better.  Hunter and Megan both had vulnerable sides and this was portrayed very well throughout the story.  This made them feel more realistic to me, which I enjoyed.  And as I have already stated, I enjoyed Hunter’s family quite a bit.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written contemporary romance. I do not think this book would be an appropriate read for a young adult due to the steaminess.  I would suggest reading the series in order so that you get to know all the characters better.  That is what I plan on doing, starting at the beginning and learning more about everyone.


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