Penny Dreadful

Season 2, Episode 09

Episode Title: And Hell Itself My Only Foe

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Omar

Penny Dreadful contains: Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, Frightening/Intense Scenes.

The episode starts with Warren pointing a gun to a sleeping Ethan. He makes Vanessa chain Ethan or he would kill her. Warren plans to rape Vanessa and later scalped her. Vanessa attacks him and later Ethan, during the fight Warren stab Ethan on his shoulder, but Vanessa gets the knife and stabs Warren as Ethan kicks his face.

After the opening, we see them standing over the grave where they buried him. Victor arrives to tell them the news of Sir Malcolm disappearance and they leave together. Once back, they find Inspector Rusk waiting for Ethan. He tells Ethan that there will be guards in the street to protect them because of the robberies Sir Malcolm said before. Just before leaving, he calls Ethan by his real name, Ethan Lawrence Talbot.

“So know we are homicides together.” “It was him or us.” “And that excuses everything.” “I don’t know.”


Back in the room where Sir Malcolm is trapped, his dead family is taunting him with their death. Meanwhile. Evelyn seems more tired and losing Hecate’s respected. Hecate asks her what will happened if she cannot deliver Vanessa, making Evelyn angry.

“How long did the dinosaurs last before the mammals discover their claws?”


We see Lily with Dorian in his house. They talk and he calls her Brona, and she doesn’t deny it, but tells him that she is now Lily. In Sir Malcolm house Vanessa talks with Victor as he drugs himself. She notices that he is not happy and tells him,

“Sorry she hurt you. I’m sorry you feel so unloved. You are a beautiful monster and there are those who can love you and shall. Life awaits you”


Sembene tells Ethan to tell Vanessa everything, as she will help with his burden. He tells Ethan that the marks on his face mean that he was once a slave trader, but in that house he has found pace and friends. When Ethan gets back to his room, Hecate is waiting for him. She proposing an alliance with her, as he’s the Wolf of God and with his help he will help the devil conquer over God.

Lavinia propose Caliban to explore the new attraction, when they get there she traps him inside. The whole family is creating a freak show where they will show off Caliban. Lily is having sex with Dorian and tries to choke him. When she sees that he doesn’t die, she bites part of his ear and tells him,

“Now, let me see your power. Go heal yourself, my beloved immortal.”

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They find that Vanessa went to save Sir Malcolm alone and everyone goes after her, they even give a gun to Mr. Lyle. Before entering the house, Vanessa cross herself. Evelyn is waiting for her and tells her that Sir Malcolm is going mad in a corner and takes Vanessa to her puppet room.

The men get to the house and slip up, Ethan and Sembene, and Victor and Mr. Lyle. Victor finds Sir Malcolm but he also falls to the spell and sees his Proteus, Lily and Caliban. Ethan and Sembene get trapped in the stairs that go down to the puppet room, while Mr. Lyle faces a Nightcomer. The moon starts to come out and Ethan tries to kill himself, but Sembene stops him. Ethan begs him to kill him, but Sembene says to him,

“I will not, I’m just a man. You were chosen by God, my friend Ethan Chandler.”


Evelyn shows Vanessa the puppets and the one that is like her opens it eyes and calls her “murderer.” The episode ends with Ethan transforming and biting Sembene’s neck.



Today’s episode has a great start with that fight and it had a lot of revelations. I really liked that fighting scene at the begging, everything happened so fast, and bloody. We now know Ethan’s full name, Ethan Lawrence Talbot. Talbot, of course that’s his name. (For those who don’t know that was the name of the first werewolf form 1941 The Wolf Man movie.) It seems that Lavinia is as heartless as her family. Hecate wants to over throne her mother. Lily or Brona is evil and also want to rule over men and poor Victor is high and sad. They finally killed Warren and I hope this time his stay dead, but who knows. We also learn a little of Sembene’s past and the meaning of his marks, he was a slave trader. This episode had a lot of great quotes and some funny ones also. The last episode of this season comes out next week, And They Were Enemies. Are you ready for the last episode of Penny Dreadful? Tells us in the comments.