An Inconvenient Mate

Breeds, Book #17.5

By Lora Leigh

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Isabelle Martinez is the assistant of the chief of the Navajo Nation, who is also, her uncle.  The Navajo nation has been hiding people, they were just scared children when they came.  Isabelle remembers them being in their house in the night when she was young and how they quickly disappeared never to be seen again.  The Navajo have strong blood and the Council felt they made the strongest Breeds.  Isabelle’s Aunt Morningstar was taken years ago and tortured and killed in the Breed labs and her father has never forgiven himself for leaving her unprotected.   Isabelle’s family keeps close tabs to make sure nobody else in their family goes missing and to keep an eye out for any Breeds that could be children of their people.  Now the Breeds are hunting one of their own and want into the Navajo Nation’s DNA files where they think their killer resides.  The Breeds and Navajo Nation are coming together to meet to discuss the Breeds request.

But what Isabelle’s family (except her siblings) doesn’t know is that she’s being stalked.  Holden wants her and is obsessed with her and nearly raped her already.  Now she is always looking over her shoulder afraid to find him behind her.  Her sister and best friend have begged her to tell her father and uncle, but she is afraid of what they will do and she doesn’t want to see them in jail for killing Holden.

Isabelle was drawn to the sexy Coyote Breed, Malachi Morgan, when she saw him in the bar.  She flirted with him shamelessly and instigated a game with the predator for all to see.  However, she wasn’t aware that Holden had entered the bar and saw it all.  She knows that if he ever gets his hands on her again, he will hurt her horribly.  But one night with Malachi just might be worth Holden’s wrath.

I’ve really grown to enjoy this series and this book was no different.  I really liked this couple.  Isabelle is tough, the perfect mate for a Coyote!  And Malachi is as protective and loyal as you would expect any Breed to be.  He will stop at nothing to guard the one woman made for him alone.  And, Lord help anyone that stands in his way!

This was a novella so there was limited storyline for me to comment about without giving away what happened.  I would have enjoyed a longer more in-depth book, but the plot was a familiar one for this series.  I’m sure if gave us a jumping off point for future books and it introduced us to the Navajo Nation and gave us a glimpse into Rule and Lawe’s background, which I’m sure will be explored more in the future installments.

We also got to see some of our favorite coyotes in Ashley, Anya, and I guess Del-Ray too.  The events in this story will no doubt have an effect on what happens going forward.