An Echo in the Bone

Outlander, Book #7

By Diana Gabaldon

ISBN# 9780752898476

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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Claire and Jamie are once again headed to war, but this time as rebels as Claire knows the Americans will eventually win.  But it’s a hard road to that eventual outcome and they must do what they can to survive until that time.  However, this time Jamie’s son, William, is also heading to war, but Willie is fighting on the other side, for the British army.  Jamie’s worst fear is to face his son on the other side of the gun in battle.

Meanwhile young Ian is still fighting his own demons of the past.  And, when he finally finds love (whether his love interest is willing to accept him or not), his fears of the promises Arch Bug made coming roaring to the forefront. 

And, back at Lallybroch tragedy is about to strike and it could change everyone’s lives forever.

Roger and Brianna (along with Mandy and Jem) are back in their own time, trying to make a life for themselves.  They have purchased Lallybroch and live there now.  They often think about those back in the past and look for signs they are doing well.  At least they have a small group of letters that Claire and Jamie have managed to get to them.  They are slowly opening them to read together, but they must last a lifetime.

Brianna has found work that can use her expertise.  However, it puts her in contact with someone that could be a threat to their entire family.

I’m finding these books are holding my interest less and less and they are taking longer and longer for me to finish.  This one, for instance, took me a whopping TWO MONTHS to read!  I can usually read a book or two a week and this one took two bloody months!!!

My problem with this book is that I only cared about Ian.  And, that storyline seemed to be in the background for most of the book.  I didn’t care about Claire and Jamie and the war, I definitely didn’t care about William or John Grey and their families.  I only wanted Ian and for him to finally find happiness.  And, that didn’t quite happen yet … I feel he’s much closer to it!  So, I’m hoping the next book will focus on him and maybe he will finally get the love he deserves and the baby he’s scared to never have.

Things were definitely picking up at the end of this book, but then it just ended suddenly.  I felt there should have been more there.  However, it made me optimistic for the only person I care about in this book…. Ian.