Source: bleedingcool

Yesterday, Amazon stopped selling directly almost all graphic novel distributed by Diamond Book Distributors, on the back of a price glitches expectations raised and dashed simultaneously.

This included books published by Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Avatar and Dynamite.

Diamond sources inform me that they believe this is a precautionary measure on Amazon’s part, while they dealt with fallout issues over the glitch, rather than explained by any conspiratorial reasons.

This didn’t stop a number of publishers making their displeasure known to the distributor, but it seems to have come as much of a surprise to Diamond as it did to the publishers in question.

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Well thank goodness it seems they will sort it all out. At first glance I thought they meant indefinitely and that would NOT be good. Where do you purchase your comics from? I think I will have to start buying them online, because the last time I went to a major outlet (which I won’t name) the selection was pitiful and only one major comic book and graphic novel distributor’s titles were available. What gives? I was so disappointed.

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