Alyson Noël
The Immortals, Book #1

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

This is the first book in the Immortals series by Alyson Noël.

Ever just lived through the worst tragedy of her life, she lost her entire family in a car crash and she was the lone survivor.  She then had to move to California to live with her Aunt Sabine.  But the strangest thing has happened…ever since the accident she can see everyone’s auras around them and can hear their thoughts, even when she doesn’t want to.  She does what she can to try to drown them out, always having her ipod in and covering up in her homely looking hoodies.  Which makes most of the people at her new school think that she’s a freak.  Which maybe she is, she does visit with her dead sister on a daily basis.

Then a new kid comes to town, Damen, and all the girls and even a lot of the guys are enamored with him.  But Ever notices the strangest thing, he doesn’t have an aura.  Also, whenever he touches her or talks to her she finds peace; she can’t hear any other thoughts, not even his.  Not to mention she’s always finding red tulips magically appearing when he’s around.

But Ever starts to worry about her friend, Haven, who is getting pretty close to Drina, a girl that Ever has not liked since the time she saw her with Damen.  Haven starts morphing herself into Drina’s likeness wearing the same clothes as her, same eye color, and hair color and it’s most unsettling.

During all of this though, Ever finally gives in to Damen’s charms and starts a relationship with him.  But she feels he’s hiding something from her, something big.  He keeps disappearing at odd times and is pretty secretive, making her second guess her relationship with him.

Eventually, he confides in her that he’s an immortal.  And if that wasn’t crazy enough he tells her that he saved her from the car wreck and made her an immortal also because he couldn’t stand to lose her again.  She hates him for separating her from her family and he disappears on her request.

Then, one day Ever goes to save Haven from whatever evil thing Drina has cooked up for her, only to discover it was all a ploy and that Ever is the real target.  Is it too late to save herself and her relationship with Damen?

I’ve heard good things about this book so I had to see for myself.  And I must admit that I was not disappointed.  The characters where likable and the story was an easy and fast read….I devoured this novel,  finishing it  in a little over a day and would have been happy to read more.

I did think that Damen was a vampire throughout most of this book, especially with him drinking that red drink all the time.  I was just as shocked as Ever when I found out he wasn’t!

I did think Damen being perfect at everything was a little cliché and over the top, but I guess perfection comes with being immortal and living for as long as he has….maybe once Ever has lived that long she will be that perfect too, although it would probably be pretty boring to read about at that point!

It’s nice to think that you always have someone looking out for you, like a guardian angel and Damen seemed to be that for Ever.  I loved their story, even if it was a repetitious cycle for him and it’s nice to see them finally break the cycle so the real love story can begin.

I loved the novel and can’t wait to read the next installment in this series.