Alpha’s Temptation

Bad Boy Alphas, Book #1

By Renee Rose & Lee Savino

ISBN# 9781732248410

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Kylie is one of the best hackers around.  She hacked into the hi-tech security company, SeCure, when she was only fourteen years old, just to prove she could.  It’s not all that surprising since her parents were criminals.  And, when her mom died, Kylie stepped into her place.  Her dad was a Robin Hood style art thief that stole paintings from people and museums to return them to their original owners.  Kylie was there in an air duct and witnessed her dad’s murder at the hands of his partner.  She was stuck in that air vent for hours and can no longer stand to be in small enclosed spaces. 

She knows how to disappear and live off the grid, a skill she has had to use to stay safe from her father’s murderer.  She has also decided to go legit.  And, when she is contacted for a job at SeCure she jumps at the chance.  It would be her dream job.  She just hopes that they don’t discover she’s the one that hacked into their system all those years ago.

While at SeCure for her interview, she gets trapped in an elevator with a man.  He helps her through a panic attack and she gushes all about the great CEO of the company, Jackson King, and says a few not so flattering insinuations as well.  She is mortified when the lights come on, and she discovers the man is Jackson!  Somehow, she does manage to get the job after all of that.

Things quickly take a dark turn when someone tries to blackmail Kylie to infect SeCure’s network with a debilitating virus.  She comes clean to Jackson about her past taking the blackmailer’s leverage away.  But when they kidnap her grandmother; she has no choice, but to do what they want.  However, they do not return her grandmother.  She works with Jackson to try to fix the mess she created and to find her grandmother.  But are they too late?

I haven’t been reading as much as I would like to be here recently and I decided it’s time to get back to it.  I was really feigning for a werewolf romance for some reason.  Yes, this *IS* a were book, not that you can tell by my above synopsis.  I highly doubt Jackson would have given Kylie so many chances if not for his inner wolf!  I’m not sure if I wanted a good story or just some good smut.  Either way, I found both in this story.  For those looking for the latter though, you will have a bit of a wait as the smut doesn’t kick in until later in the novel as Jackson tries to fight his wolf’s desire during the early going.  Also, there are some dominant/submissive situations in this story, if that is something that bothers you.  Honestly, it goes so well with alpha werewolves though.  It’s nothing too heavy though.

I really liked Kylie.  She’s a tough heroine that has been through so much.  I’m not sure why she went through infecting SeCure when she was realizing she had no way to secure her grandmother’s safety after doing the deed.  She also had balls of steel to go back to Jackson, after doing what she did.

And, I of course LOVED Jackson.  The dominant cocky males are always my jam in these books.  I loved his protective side, and it had to come out in full force throughout this book.  I also loved that he had taken Sam in as well, it shows his caring nature.

I did predict one discovery at the end of the book, but it was still enjoyable. 

I loved this couple and I badly want to see more of them!!!  I also want to see more of Garrett and his pack, which I have no doubt we will as the series progresses.  Maybe some more panther shifters too… Give me ALL. THE. SHIFTERS!!!

I absolutely flew through this book, never wanting to put it down.  This was the first book I’ve read from either of these authors, and I desperately want to read more!