historical4 star

Along Came A Rogue

The Secret Life of Scoundrels, Book #2

By Anna Harrington

ISBN: 9781455534050


Along Came A RogueBrought to you by OBS reviewer Una


Major Nathaniel Grey is free to bed whomever he wants, whenever he chooses, and that’s exactly how he likes it. His only loyalties are to country and the two friends he served with-brothers he’d do anything for. So when one of them is gravely injured and asking for his little sister, Grey will move heaven and earth to bring her home. He’s greeted not by the gangly girl he remembers, but a stunningly beautiful woman holding a loaded musket. And he’s utterly captivated by her . . .

Once upon a time, Emily would have loved nothing more than a stolen hour with her brother’s best friend, the dashing officer who captured her heart and soul. But things are different now-and so is she. Gone is the eager young woman who believed in love. In her place is a widow weighed down with secrets who desperately needs to disappear before they’re revealed. But Grey’s sinfully sexy smile offers protection unlike anything she’s ever known, tempting her to risk everything . . . even her heart. (Goodreads)



I loved Anna Harrington’s Along Came a Rogue. Her development of characters and the fast flow of the story had me hooked from page one.

Nathaniel Grey is introduced as a rake in the Ton society who beds whenever and whomever he desires at the time. When his best friend is shot and asks him to find and bring his little sister home Nathaniel jumps at the chance. He would do anything for his best friends as they have survived the war together and have history. I mean how hard it would be to go and get the gangly girl he remembers. When he is shot at by her, as he approaches the house he soon realizes that all is not well. As he gradually pulls her story out of her he realizes he is falling in love with Emily. Being a Major with no background in nobility and in fact with no background at all he knows that marriage is not likely. But all family backgrounds have secrets and in the end he learns his. Will it be enough to end her stubbornness towards him?

Emily since she was 16 has always carried a crush for her brother’s best friend. When he turns up unannounced she is a widow of a loveless marriage with many secrets. Her husband she knows was murdered and someone is trying to kill her and the unborn child she carries. Desperately she wants to disappear before these secrets are revealed. Can she trust her heart? Although she trusts Nathanial she does not want to put him or her family in harm’s way.

The chemistry between the two is undeniable but they both must trust their love to allow it flourish.

The story flows quickly and I for one was drawn into the setting and quickly felt as the intrigue builds. The mystery of why Emily is being targeted and the why is skillfully managed as the love story progresses. A truly delightful book and I look forward to other books by Anna Harrington.