Allegiance of Honor

Psy-Changeling, Book #15

By Nalini Singh

ISBN# 9781101987773

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allegiance-of-honor-nalini-singhA lot has happened recently in the Psy-Changeling world.  Most notably, the fall of Silence.  The Psy have learned that the empaths that they tried to hide and even muffle their powers of are a lot more important than they ever realized.  Not only are they not flawed, they are some of the more powerful Psy and their absence in the Psynet is what has been destroying it.  However, there is still something missing, the net is decaying at an alarming rate.  They must figure out how to fix it or they will all perish.

Now the different races are coming together to try to form a pact to where they can all live in peace among each other and can even work together.  The Trinity Accord promises just that, but it has many bugs that need to be worked out, like knowing someone’s true intentions when signing the agreement.

Lucas Hunter has had a big hand in the Trinity Accord, but his focus is splintered when the unthinkable happens and someone tries to kidnap his little girl.  Now he will stop at nothing to find out who was responsible and eradicate them once and for all.

I love the Psy-Changeling series so I was excited to receive this installment to review.  But I was a bit crushed when I heard rumors that this was the FINAL installment!  I’ve grown to love this series and don’t want to say goodbye to my friends!  However, after reading the author’s note in this book, I’m not so sure this *is* the final book… wishful thinking, perhaps?

“I hope you enjoy Allegiance of Honor—and here’s to the next book and season two of the Psy-Changeling series.”

Not only does that make it sound like there is more to come, but this book just didn’t read like a finale.  Yes, we got an update on several of our favorite characters throughout the series, maybe even some we had forgotten about.  But there is still so much up in the air.  Will the Trinity Accord succeed?  Who was responsible for Naya’s kidnapping?  And, the DarkSea kidnappings for that matter.  How can the Psy fix the Psynet?  Not to mention the new Ocelot characters that were introduced.  We *just* met them, but there is still so much story to tell there, I’m sure!

This book really didn’t advance the storyline at all.  And frankly it didn’t keep my interest like this series usually does.  I’m ashamed to admit that I was able to put this book down for an entire week!!  And, even then I really didn’t want to go back to it.  That is unheard of for me with a Nalini Singh book!  So, I really hope that this isn’t the last we’ll see of this series because when this series ends I want it to be on a high note, and this book just didn’t do it for me.

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