Sure, Allan Hyde may not be with us anymore on “True Blood” (oops! Spoiler alert!), but that doesn’t mean we’re not crushing on the man we got to know as Godric for a (way too) short amount time. And, we’re hoping now that he’s won the hearts of the ladies here in the U.S. we’ll be seeing more of him!

Vital Stats: This 20-year-old hails from Denmark and couldn’t be more excited to find out how much girls are crushing on him stateside, describing the accolade as “cool.” What’s cooler is that this up-and-coming actor also happens to be single and looking for that special someone. “I’m looking for someone that I can talk to about everything,” he tells Hollywood Crush. “A nice laugh, a warm laugh.”

Where you might have already seen him: If you live in Europe you’ll know him from “Awakening,” “Album” and “2900 Happiness.” But, since we don’t, we only know him as the 2000-year-old vamp, Godric, on “True Blood.” Also, let’s not forget he voiced the character Ron Weasley for the Denmark-edition of “Harry Potter” and sang on the Danish version of the “Camp Rock” soundtrack.

Being so unfamiliar with TV programming overseas, he says he had no idea what “True Blood” even was at first. “That’s the thing, in Denmark we get all the bad American TV shows over there. So when I heard that this was an audition, I was psyched about it. I’m such a big fan of the show now.”

Read more juicy details about Allan here.

Allan is such cutie! And I didnt know he was from Denmark, that is really cool! And hmm….He is single ladies!

What did you think of Allan’s portrayal of Godric on True Blood?