All I Want for Christmas

Chapel of Love #1.5

By Hope Ramsay

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Dusty McNeil never got a Christmas present he really wanted. So it’s just more of the same when his jilted girlfriend leaves an unwanted and unexpected present on his doorstep. What’s a commitment-phobic guy supposed to do with a puppy on Christmas Eve?


All I Want for Christmas is a novella depicting the growth and emergence of Christmas spirit in Dusty McNeil.

Dusty is not a fan of Christmas and as one reads the story, we find out why (don’t want to give away any spoilers).

Dusty is left a present from the girlfriend (Marleen) he just dumped:

I named him Noel because he’s your Christmas puppy. He’s a labradoodle—that’s a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a standard Poodle. He’s two months old. I’m giving him to you because you need to commit to something.”

The journey Dusty takes is one of true giving spirit. I felt such emotion when I learnt of Dusty’s past. I was uplifted when he started to grow emotionally. And lets not forget, I was quite happy when he changed the puppy’s name from Noel to Sven (a “Frozen” name – much more appropriate for this labradoodle in my opinion).

Laura was a good and caring character. I like how she brought Dusty into her mission surrounding the less advantaged children in the town. Helped teach and show Dusty what the holiday spirit was all about.

Still not a huge fans of novella’s – I just wanted more! But what I got was good – pulling at the heart strings filled with Christmas spirit. I do hope that soon I read a full length novel of Ms. Ramsay’s so I can get the full feel of her writing.