Alice in Wonderland
Chapter 6: Pig and Pepper
Written by Rose


At the front door a fish messenger knocks on the door, telegram in hand and a frog servant answers. The telegram is an invitation to play croquet. Crazy noises are heard from inside, plates fly from inside past the fish messenger.

Alice decides to go inside and passes the front man at the door and enters a kitchen where she finds the Duchess nursing a baby, a cook over the stove putting too much pepper in the pot and a large Cheshire cat grinning from ear to ear.

Everyone was sneezing from the pepper except for the cook. The Duchess acts meanly towards Alice, as the cook starts throwing pans and dishes at the Duchess and the baby. The baby howls at the dishes are thrown. Suddenly, the Duchess throws the baby at Alice stating she needs to get ready for croquet match with the Queen. Alice decides to take the baby out of the house for safety reasons and leaves. Outside, while pondering what took place, the baby turns into a pig and Alice sets it down to run free.

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Why do you think the cook kept throwing dishes at the Duchess and the baby?

Why did the Duchess call Alice a pig?  How strange then that the baby turned into a pig later on? Is there a correlation or just coincidence?

Why do you think the Duchess kept shaking the baby after the end of each lullaby?

What other oddities or curiosities did you notice in this chapter?

What part of this chapter was your favorite? What about favorite quotes?

Is there anything you’d like to discuss about this chapter?