4 star

Ain’t She Sweet

Green Mountain, Book #6

By Marie Force

ISBN # 9780425280836

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The latest Green Mountain Romance from the The New York Times bestselling author of It’s Only Love.

Charlotte “Charley” Abbott has gone out with every guy under thirty-five in Butler, Vermont—except for one. Tyler Westcott’s attempts to date her may be determined, and frequent, but Charley can’t stand how he acts like he knows her better than she knows herself. So when Tyler turns up at the running club Charley joined to train for a marathon, she’s almost ready to quit before she even gets started.

Tyler knows that behind Charley’s prickly personality and dismissive attitude is a sweet woman he wants in his life. And when Charley suffers an injury while training, Tyler is ready to prove that the perfect man for her has been right there all along… (Goodreads)



Charley does not like to be told she cannot do something and she never backs down from a challenge.  So when Tyler pushes her by challenging her to run up a treacherous hillside during a training run, she does not back down and does her best to match him stride for stride.  That is until the ground opens up and she falls down the hillside.  Aware that she is injured and in a bad predicament, she hopes that nothing happens to Tyler while he goes to get help.  She does not blame him for her accident, she blames herself, because she knew the danger of running when and where she did.  But Tyler blames himself completely and offers to let her rehab at his place, so he can take care of her.  He wants her in his life, and he thinks helping her recover will put him in a good light in her eyes.

The characters are well developed and well rounded.  Charley has not been very lucky in love and she is very guarded when it comes to her heart.  She thinks that Tyler is too perfect and smooth and it irritates her that he thinks he knows her so well.  But after the accident, she sees him in a whole new light.  She sees that he is willing to do whatever it takes to help her recover and get back on her own two feet.  She sees him disheveled and rumpled and looking more like a normal person, and she likes that side of him.  But through much of the book, I really did not like Charley too much.  I thought she was mean and unfair to Tyler.  And I really could not understand why Tyler wanted her so much.  But by the end of the book, I liked her more and was glad that Tyler did not give up on her.

I really enjoyed reading about Charley’s family and how they interacted.  Everyone is in everybody else’s business and want to give advice, even when that advice is unwanted. I thought it was funny when Charley’s brothers and friends were trying to give Tyler advice on how to deal with her.  It was like he needed to read a handbook on the proper care and handling of her…

“The secret to Charley …is to let her think she’s in charge while you steer her in the direction you want her to go.”

“Child psychology.  Make her think you want one thing when you really want something else altogether.”

I enjoyed the inspirational sayings that are at the beginning of each chapter.  I felt that these were a great addition to the book because they were thought provoking and could be applied to many things happening in a reader’s life.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written women’s fiction.  I would not recommend it for young adult readers due to the steaminess.  This book can be read as a standalone but you will want to read the other books in the series so you can really get to know the family better.