4 star

Aiden’s Charity

Breeds, Book #12

Wolf Breeds #4

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9781419954467

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aidens-charity-breeds-wolf-breeds-lora-leighAiden didn’t want to go back to get Charity.  She had betrayed him in the labs, the only person that could get past his steely sexual control and actually evoked a reaction from him.  The scientists had believed him to be impotent until Charity proved otherwise.  Afterwards, he couldn’t control the gripping need for her and did all the depraved scientists had wanted.  It didn’t matter that Charity did it to save his life, he vowed vengeance from then on.  Now the psychic winged breeds claim she’s his mate, the one that can save the wolf breeds, the first that will be able to have a child (his child) and continue their race.  But Aiden can’t accept a mating with a woman he despises with his every breath.  However, his pack won out and he saved Charity, who was dying in the jungle, in her attempt to escape the labs.  The horrors and tests they had put her through were unthinkable.  The Council thinks they have finally figured out how to breed the Breeds and she was their Guinea pig.  They won’t let all the research and effort they’ve put into it go to waste.  They will come for her, and it will be his job to protect her.

This was another great steamy read in the Breeds series.  I must say that Leigh has really improved her characters.  I loved Aiden!  He seemed so harsh at the end of the previous book, Jacob’s Faith, and I for sure thought he was going to be a total jerk, but surprisingly he wasn’t!  He was so sweet and tender with his mate, even when he was in denial.  When it came time for him to assert his dominance over her and complete their mating, he couldn’t have done it in a more understanding, gentle, and caring way.  And, I adored how protective he was of her, even if the good doctor and his pack mates did not agree with me!

This book ended with an unlikely alliance being formed and a nice segue into the next book.  Poor Hawke appears to have an uphill battle on his hands to protect his mate from the pack and Breed Law.  But I have no doubt he will keep her safe!