After the Storm

KGI, Book #8

By Maya Banks

ISBN# 9780425263778

Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Everyone knows that Rusty had a rough start in life and that the Kellys saved her.  So when Rusty sees herself in a troubled young boy, she has to help him.  She hires Travis to work at the Kellys’ hardware store and pays him cash out of her own pocket.  Travis is trying to support his two sisters and Rusty can tell they’re running from something.  She enlists the help of her brother, Donovan, to follow Travis home and to see for themselves how bad Travis’s situation really is.

Travis and his sisters, Eve and Cammie, are living is a dilapidated trailer that sickens Donovan.  He wants to help them, but they are scared and untrusting so he must tread carefully or they could bolt.  And, worse 4 year old Cammie is very ill.  However, when a tornado hits the area and destroys the trailer and nearly kills Eve and the kids, Donovan rushes into action.

Donovan takes Eve, Travis, and Cammie to his home and takes over their care and nurses them back to health.  He feels an instant connection with Eve and he’s ready to claim her and the kids as his own.  But first, he must take care of the evil man they’re running from to ensure their safety.  However, when Walt gets his hands on Eve it unravels all Donovan’s plans and it’s up to KGI to save the day and get Donovan’s family back!

Van is my favorite of the Kelly brothers so I was excited to read his book!  It did throw me off that he was called his full name, Donovan, throughout the book when he’s always been Van up to this point in the series.  Of course, it was expected for Donovan to find a woman with kids 🙂

The thing that bothered me the most about this book was the rushed relationship between Donovan and Eve.  Here, you have a woman running from a sexual predator and trying to protect her siblings, she was nearly killed by a tornado, and Donovan is declaring that she and the kids belong to him now.  Not to mention, him telling her how he wants her in his bed and soon.  Yet, he’s afraid that saying he loves her will scare her? This just doesn’t seem like the Donovan that we’ve grown to love.  Eve wasn’t even healed up yet …

I did like to see how Rusty has matured.  I’m assuming her and Sean will have their own book soon. 

I enjoyed Travis as well.  He’s almost too good to be true for a teenager behavior wise thanks to his horrible upbringing.  I’m sure he will be a future KGI operative and follow in his “dad’s” footsteps!

I definitely had some issues with this book, but I did end up enjoying it regardless.