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After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie Stackhouse, Book #13.5
By Charlaine Harris
ISBN# 9780425269510
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after-dead-sookie-stackhouse-charlaine-harrisThis book is an A-Z of the characters of the beloved Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire series and what happened to them after the final book, Dead Ever After.

Like many fans, I was pretty upset with how this series ended, especially where Eric was concerned and who our heroine ended up with.  But I kept hearing, from reliable media outlets, about how this book, After Dead, was going to be a novella that bridged this series with the next.  One that let us fans know what happened with our most cherished characters of the series, while introducing us to those of the upcoming series.  I thought the idea was genius!  But sadly that wasn’t what this book was at all.  Whether that was the intent of this book and the premise was changed or if the wrong information got out and this A-Z coda was always the intent, I’m not sure.  But it is, what it is so I read it, trying to keep an open mind.

But overall, I found this book to be quite the disappointment, as evidenced by my one star rating.

The summaries of what happened to each character were so vague that I feel anybody could have written them.  Most of them were just a sentence or small paragraph on mostly blank pages.  I thought the book looked small when I got it, but to see how little text there is in this book was pathetic.  I would have rather read this, had it been a fanfic written by someone who cares, which is saying a lot since I can’t stand to read fanfic.  But at least then maybe there would have been some thought put into these endings.  Plus most of the characters in this coda were so minor that I couldn’t even remember them!  And, you would expect short summaries for those characters, but even poor Quinn was shafted.  His was so short that I can share it with you now, word for word.

“John Quinn had many more adventures.”

Really?  After the role he played in the series, even if he did betray Sookie, that’s all you have to say about him?  I always enjoyed him and found this ‘what happened to him next’ summary to be ridiculous!  And, the rest of the page was blank.  What a waste of a tree!  But sadly, Quinn wasn’t the only one with an overly concise ending …. they all were that way.  Why even bother?

Going into this book (if you can really call it that), I was hopeful that we would finally see a happy ending for Eric, but it just wasn’t to be.  It felt like a resigned ending that he just accepted his fate and went on with his life to do what he had to do to exist, but not really living.  Such a sad fate for my favorite character of this series.

This book was a pathetic attempt that could have been easily written in an hour or so, if that!  Anybody could have written it, even if they hadn’t read the series!  And, when I saw the $18 price tag on the book, it sickened me!  This was just one last chance to milk the money cow that this series became.  Please, save your money and don’t buy this book!  It’s not worth the paper it was printed on!  And, in all honestly if this was going to be released it should have just been a free ebook given to the fans as a ‘gift’.

What a pathetic waste of my time! *Shaking my head sadly*  I’m just glad that I didn’t buy this book, but got it from the library instead!