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TORONTO — Adam Brody is branching out, venturing far from “The O.C.” to portray a murderous musician in the horror satire “Jennifer’s Body.”

The tale of teen angst and cannibalism, which was written by Oscar winner Diablo Cody (“Juno”) and directed by Karyn Kusama (“Girlfight”), is not the standard high school slasher film. While women are typically victims in the genre, this movie features a female killer who stalks boys. Megan Fox stars as Jennifer, who turns evil after an encounter with Brody’s character. The actor welcomed the opportunity to play a darker role after years of portraying an insecure comic-book fan on “The O.C.”

The 29-year-old looks forward to future roles as sociopaths, but next up is a Kevin Smith cop comedy, “A Couple of Dicks,” in which he plays a detective apprentice alongside Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. We sat down with Brody in a hotel suite during a “Jennifer’s Body” press day at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Q. This movie is brutal, but it’s also funny, and horror comedy is a really good genre.

A. To me, “The Shining” is funny.

Q. Diablo Cody’s unique writing elevates the genre, makes it something different. When you read the script, what were your impressions?

A. I just thought it was a fantastic, funny, gory ride. It is such a popcorn movie for the Saturday night moviegoer.

Q. There are far too few female directors, especially in horror. Debra Hill produced “Halloween” in 1978, but that’s kind of it. Do you feel like there might be a different vantage point when you have a woman behind the camera?

A. Absolutely, even in terms of just the sexuality of it. It’s much more of a sensual movie than I was envisioning. This is a total blanket statement, but with a guy director, it would have been gorier, but the sex wouldn’t have been nearly as real or as intimate.

Q. The band your character is in plays pop rather than a type of music more typically associated with evil.

A. It’s much better than if it was goth-rock. It’s friendly pop and they’re going to sell their souls to the devil to get on Top 40 radio.

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I liked Diablo Cody’s las work, even though ‘Jennifer’s Body’ is something different, it’s interesting. What do you think of boys being the victims now? What do you think of Adam’s character? Will you go see the movie?