Penny Dreadful

Season 2, Episode 05

Episode Title: Above the Vaulted Sky

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Penny Dreadful contains: Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, Frightening/Intense Scenes.


This week’s episode starts with Evelyn breaking the head of the puppet-like of Gladys Murray (Noni Stapleton), while Hecate returns with Vanessa’s string of hair. Evelyn starts to insert hot needles in the brain of the puppet causing the real Gladys to wake up screaming.penn02051

The next day, Sir Malcolm replaces his front door with a reinforce one, while the others place different kinds of protections on the house to keep Vanessa safe during the night. That night, Vanessa, still feeling the presence of the Nightcomers in her room, asks Ethan if she can stay in his room that night. He replies that yes, and gives her the bed, as he takes the couch.


Caliban is angry that Victor is keeping Lily from him, and decides to talk with her. Lily looks to be afraid of him and his scars. Victor and Lily have tea with Vanessa where he presents her as his cousin. Lily thanks Vanessa for the dress and then is invited to go shopping another day with her, only girls. Vanessa leaves to go to her shift at the tunnels serving soup, she finds Caliban, and without knowing, she tells him how she notices that Victor is in love with Lily. He mentions a woman that he is courting, and Vanessa teaches him how to dance.

Meanwhile, Gladys continues to be suffering from great pain.

penn02055 penn02056

Ethan is questioned by Inspector Rusk about the time he was staying at the Mariner’s Inn and a woman call Brona. Ethan gives vague answers and the Inspector instead asks him about his real name, as his contacts cannot find an Ethan Chandler from America. Once he is released, Ethan enters a store only to escape by the back door as the Inspector puts a tail on him. When he gets back to Sir Malcolm’s house, he feels that somebody is watching him, once inside we see that Warren followed him.

penn02057 penn02058

A powerful storm hits that night and a lot of things happen. Dorian and Angelique go to the theater where a man recognizes Angelique and spit on her. Sir Malcolm and Evelyn were there also, and Evelyn takes the opportunity to cut him with her ring. Gladys has hallucinations of her dead children. Back at Dorian’s house, Angelique changes into men’s clothes and Dorian still kisses him, which later progresses into sex. Sir Malcolm and Evelyn go to a hotel where they also start kissing, and it seems that with the cut on the back of his neck, she puts a spell on him, again, so he would have sex with her. Trying to escape from the corpses of her children, Gladys kills herself by cutting her throat.

The episode ends, with Lily being afraid of the storm, and running to Victor’s bed. It starts with just a hug, but later she kisses him and they end up having sex.


The full moon is approaching and that means that Ethan, and maybe Warren, are going to turn into werewolves. Well, the episode ended with sex. For a moment I thought that Lily still had the sutures, but it seems that they healed. I still remember that for a moment I shipped Victor and Proteus, but we can see that Lily prefers Victor over Caliban. It was cute the story that Caliban told Lily came true over the course of the episode, when Victor kissed Lily’s hand, Dorian kissed Angelique, and Vanessa danced with Caliban even when people were staring at them. We are half way through the season, and things are getting interesting. What was your favorite part of this week’s episode? Tell us in the comments.