Girls can’t seem to get enough of dark, mysterious strangers.

The age-old vampire genre is finding a new audience among angst-ridden teenage girls with romance on their minds, as a result, the horrific undead are changing into kinder, gentler creatures who often curb their thirst for fresh, young blood.

“There is something about a man who lurks in the dark”, said actress Nina Dobrey, who plays high school student Elena Gilbert in the September TV series “The Vampire Diaries”.

Stephenie Meyer’s young adult romance novel “Twilight” has sold some 17 million copies, and fans of shy 17-year-old Bella Swan and outsider vampire Edward Cullen helped the movie bring in $383 million at global box offices.

“Twilight” vampires call themselves vegetarian because they only drink the blood of animals, and the fanged ones on “True Blood” have managed to integrate themselves into human society by drinking a synthetic blood substitute, called Tru Blood.

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This article is so true! I know if I see some kind of dark looking kid in my class I often wonder what he is truly like, and after reading Twilight I can’t help but wonder if he might be a vampire (yes I know, I know vampires arent real, or so you think!).

Do you like the crazy traditional blood sucking vampires better or do you prefer vampires that know how to romance a girl?