MORTAL MEN NO LONGER CUT IT has an article about Vampire romance:

Stephanie Meyer’s world-famous Twilight series has set a new, impossible benchmark for the perfect man.

He must be capable of protecting his partner from every imaginable danger; giving her butterflies with even the slightest grin; and sending her breathless after each kiss.

More importantly, his physical appearance must be perfect – tall, dark-haired, unbearably handsome – and his body must sparkle like diamonds in the sun.

Of course, he cannot be human. He must be a vampire, who preferably goes by the name of Edward.

Millions of women – and men – are obsessed with Meyer’s supernatural romance novels, have watched the first movie several times, and are counting down the days until book number two hits the screen.

Dr Lisa Bode, an associate lecturer in film and television at the University of Queensland, is researching the cultural reception of the Twilight series.

She says after reading the books, some women are gaining unrealistic expectations of men.

“They’re idealising Edward to the point where real men can’t compete anymore,” she said.

“If you consider the way that women have had to put up with men’s ideals for centuries, and feeling insecure in relation to that, there’s perhaps a little bit of revenge coming through.”

The sexiest of all monsters

Dr Bode says the book’s two main characters – Edward, a vampire, and Bella, a mortal teen – have an unhealthy, but irresistible love.

“It’s not healthy because she is so wrapped up in him. She stops seeing all her friends, she just lives desperately for him, she becomes self-destructive and she’s willing to die. She loses her sense of self,” she said.

Assistant Professor Scott Knight, a Bond University lecturer who specialises in vampire fandom, says the idea of an impossible love is what lures readers in.

“There’s an inherent romanticism associated with vampire stories, going back to Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” he said.

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I agree with a lot of what this article says. I’ve heard MANY women express that they are waiting for their “Edward”…I myself have said it.

But, does he even exist? Or am I setting an unattainable goal?

What do you think?