OBS is happy to be back with a very special A to Z feature. We just started a new month that will be filled with Eclipse specials all month long in honor of the most anticipated Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie. So the OBS staff has put together a list of words based on the first book of the series. Just to remember the good ol’ days. Enjoy!



Stephenie Meyer

A: Alice Cullen
(Edward’s adoptive sister. Bella describes her having pixie features and with the walk that would make a ballerina jealous. She has the ability to see the future.)

Angela Weber
(Bella’s new friend at Forks High. She is shy but you can always talk to her when you need help. She has twin siblings.)
B: Ben Cheney
(Bella’s classmate and later on Angela’s boyfriend. Few of the people who like Edward.)

Billy Black
(Jacob’s dad and Charlie’s good friend. He knows more that he tells 😉 )
C: Charlie Swan
(Bella’s dad and chief of Forks.  Doesn’t like Edward that much.)

Carlisle Cullen
(Edward’s adoptive dad and husband to Esme. He loves being a doctor and always helping people. He was turned more than 300 years ago.)

(Charlie’s home coming present to Bella, [he bought it from Billy]. The thing is older than it looks but Bella loves it.)

D: Dizzy

(The smell of blood makes Bella dizzy.)

(Bella thinks Edward dazzle everyone, even her.)
E: Esme Cullen
(Edward’s adoptive mother. Bella describes her as a Snow White with caramel hair with love for all her children.)

Emmett Cullen
(Edward’s favorite adoptive brother. He is as tall and strong as a bear, always looking for a fight. He drives a red jeep.)

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
(Bella’s love. He’s the lead vampire of the story, forever in the body of a seventeen year old with golden eyes and bronze hair. When he first sees Bella the smell of her blood makes him want to kill her but after he saves her all he wants is to be with her.)

Eric Yorkie
(One of Bella’s classmates and just like Mike he is also interested in her. He even asked her to the prom.)

F: Forks, Washington
(Where it all takes place. Bella returns with her father after her mother got remarried.)
G: Gurney
(Bella complains about Edward not being strapped to a gurney after the van accident too.)

H: Heater
(With all that rain and cold weather Bella keeps herself warm with the heater of her truck.)

I: Isabella Marie Swan

(The protagonist of the story. She is destined to die at the first sight of Edward, but after discovering who he is she has no doubt that she loves him.)

J: Jacob Black
(Bella’s childhood friend. When she comes back to Forks she reunites with him in a trip to La Push.)

(Nomad, tracker who seeks Bella’s blood. To him all of this is a game.)

Jessica Stanley
(Bella’s new friend. She is blond and pretty but can be a little mean.)

Jasper Hale
(Edward’s adoptive brother and ‘twin’ to Rosalie. He can sense people’s feelings and manipulate them. He is deeply in love with Alice.)

K: Kill
(Edward’s first thought as he sees Bella is to kill her and end his thirst.)
L: Laurent
(Nomad that accompanies James and Victoria. At the end he has no desire to fight the Cullens.)

Lauren Mallory
(One of Bella’s classmates. Even though she is popular she’s jealous of the attention Bella receives.)

La Push
(Where Jacob lives. Home of the Quileutes.)
M: Mike Newton
(Bella’s new friend at Forks High. He has a crush on Bella and always tries to gain her attention.)

N: Notebook
(Bella is always doodling on the cover of her notebook to keep herself from looking at Edward.)
O: Open Book
(Renée calls Bella her open book, since she is so easy to read.)

P: Phoenix, Arizona

(Where Bella used to live with her mother until she got married.)

Phil Dwyer
(Renée’s new husband and Bella’s stepfather. He’s a baseball player.)
Q: Quileute
(Tribe Jacob belongs to. They have great legends.)

R: Rosalie Hale

(Edward’s adoptive sister and Emmett wife. Bella describes her as the most beautiful person she has ever seen. She doesn’t like Bella too much either, 0.o)

Renée Dwyer
(Bella’s mom. She’s a teacher and is always trying something new, that she’ll eventually leave.)

S: September
(Renée got re-married the same month of Bella’s birthday.)

T: Tyler Crowley

(He is the one that almost kills Bella with his van and after that always tried to ask Bella out.)

U: Ultrawhite
(Edward has a flashing set of perfect ultrawhite teeth 😉 )

V: Victoria

(Nomad and mate of James. She participates in his little game and is heart broken when James dies.)

Varner, Mr.
(Math teacher at Forks High.)

(Edward drives a shiny silver Volvo 😀 )

W: Werewolves

(Jacob’s legends involve werewolves, saying that the Quileutes descend from them.)

X: X-Rays

(Something that Bella is accustomed to getting at the hospital as a result of her clumsiness.)
Y: Yard
(When there’s a sunny day Bella goes out to the yard to read and rest for a while.)

Z: biZarre

(Word used a lot by Bella, Edward and others, not to mention that Rob bizarrely used it to 😉 )

Are you a twilight fan? What do you like about it?