OBS is back with more Eclipse special features! Last week we brought you an A to Z dedicated to the Twilight book, and now we have put together a list of words based on the Twilight movie. Enjoy!

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Twilight (film)

by Stephenie Meyer

directed by Catherine Hardwicke

A: Ashley Greene
(Actress who portrays Alice in the twilight saga – vampire part of the Cullen family.)

Anna Kendrick

(Actress who portrays Jessica in the twilight saga – human friend of Bella. “Like together, together”.)

Ayanna Berkshire
(Actress who portrays Cora in twilight – waitress friend of Charlie and Waylon. She stills remembers Bella’s favorite dessert.)

B: Billy Burke
(Actor who portrays Charlie Swan – Bella’s dad and police chief.)

C: Catherine Hardwicke
(Director of Twilght.)

Christian Serratos

(Actress who portrays Angela in the twilight Saga – human good friend of Bella.)

Cam Gigandet
(Actor who portrays James in twilight – nomad vampire tracker who wants to kill Bella. “You brought a snack”.)

Carter Burwell
(Composer of the Twilight score.)

D: Decode

(Main song of the twilight motion picture performed by Paramore.)

E: Elizabeth Reaser
(Actress who portrays Esme in the twilight saga – vampire and Carlisle’s wife.)

Edi Gathegi

(Actor who portrays Laurent in twilight and new moon – vampire nomad that travels with James.)

F:  Forks
(Town where the movie is set.)

G: Gil Birmingham
(Actor who portrays Billy in the twilight saga – Jacob’s dad part of the Quileutes.)

Gregory Tyree Boyce
(Actor who portrays Tyler Crowley in twilight – his truck almost killed Bella.)

H: High School
(Where Bella first sees Edward.)

I: Internet
(Bella looks up info about vampire on Google.)

J: Jackson Rathbone
(Actor who portrays Jasper – Rosalie’s ‘twin’ vampire brother and Alice’s mate. Doesn’t talk much.)

Justin Chon
(Actor who portrays Erik – Human friend and the first one to greet Bella at her new school.)

José Zuñiga
(Actor who portrays Mr. Molina – Biology teacher. “Green is good.”)

K: Kristen Stewart

(Actress who portrays Bella in the twilight saga – main human female character of the story. she feels intrigued by Edward.)

Kellan Lutz
(Actor who portrays Emmett in the twilight saga – vampire part of the Cullen family.)

Krys Hyatt
(Actor who portrays Embry Call in twilight – we see a glimpse of him when Bella sees Jacob and his friends in La Push.)

L: “La Push, baby!”
(Eric’s famous La Push quote when he invites Bella to the beach.)

M: Melissa Rosenberg
(Screen writer of the twilight saga.)

Michael Welch
(Actor who portrays Mike in the twilight saga – he seeks Bella’s attention but is a good friend.)

Matt Bushell

(Actor who portrays Phil Dwyer in twilight – Renée’s husband.)

N: Nikki Reed
(Actress who portrays Rosalie in the twilight saga – vampire part of the Cullen family. She has a hard time getting used to Bella.)

Ned Bellamy

(Actor who portrays Waylon Forge in twilight – the nomads kill him while on his boat going to fish.)

O: Oregon
(The twilight movie was filmed in Portland Oregan.)

P: Peter Facinelli
(Actor who portrays Dr. Carlisle in the twilight saga – Head of the Cullen vampire coven.)

Q:  Quileute Tribe
(The tribe that enters into a treaty with the Cullens near Forks, WA.)

R: Robert Pattinson
(Actor who portrays Edward in the twilight saga – vampire part of the Cullen family and Bella’s love interest.)

Rachelle Lefevre

(Actress who portrays Victoria in the twilight and new moon – nomad vampire mate of James.)

S: Stephenie Meyer

(Creator/author of the entire twilight saga! She does a cameo in the movie.)

Sarah Clarke
(Actress who portrays Renée in twilight and eclipse – Bella’s mom.)

Solomon Trimble
(Actor who portrays Sam in twilight – friend of Jacob that Bella meets at La Push. He is the one to say, “The Cullens don’t come here.” )

T: Taylor Lautner
(Actor who portrays Jacob in the twilight saga – Bella’s childhood Quileute friend.)

(Edward thinks that Bella is unhappy now that she lives with Charlie.)

V: Vampires
(Bella starts being curious about them after hearing Jacob’s legends.)

W: Waitress
(She tries to get Edward’s attention in La Bella Italia – Played by Katie Powers.)

(Everything the Cullens own is so expensive; their cars, house, clothes, etc.)

Y: “You can Google it.”
(Edward’s famous Google quote 🙂 )

Z: diZZy
(Bella must feel all dizzy seeing Waylon’s body.)

What do you like about Twilight?