This week OBS is bringing you a special A to Z feature in honor of our Book Club of the month The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. We’ve put together a list of words with the purpose of helping you through the story and some interesting facts. Enjoy!

Remember to check The Hunger Games and join us in the discussion.

Brought to you by OBS Staff Member Chris.

The Hunger Games

A: Avox

(A traitor, who has had their tongue cut out.)

B: Bandage

(Katniss uses many bandages to dress Peeta’s wounds)

C: Catnip

(Gale’s nickname for Katniss.)

D: District 12
(Kat’s home district.)

E: Effie Trinket
(This is Peeta & Katniss’s escort through the tour of districts leading up to the games, also she acts as a coach to them for public appearances.)

F: Famished

(All districts are sick with hunger, excluding the capitol and most of Districts 1,2 & 3.)

G: Gamemakers

(The fat rich men who plan out The Hunger Games, who oversee the trials and the games.)

H: Hunger Games

(One boy and girl selected from each district as tribute to the Capitol.)

I: Intervened
(A lot of intervening happens in the games either by participants, sponsors, or wild beasts.)

J: Tracker “Jackers”

(A weapon invented by the capitol – a yellow jacket that was developed in a lab to attack the rebellious.)

K: Katniss Everdeen

(The main character in The Hunger Games, a girl of 16 years of age but holds more responsibilities than a child.)

L: Lies or Lying

(The Games and most of the people in the districts have been built around lies.)

M: Mockingjay
(A combination of mocking bird and Jabberjay. A genetically altered bird.)

N: Night Time

(When the capitol announces who has died that day in the Games via a picture in the night sky.)

O: Orchards

(District 11 is full of orchards, the district is all about agriculture.)

P: Panem

(The country that Kat lives in, once North America.)

Q: Quiver
(A long skinny makeshift bag, that hangs on one shoulder that holds the arrows for Katniss.)

R: Reaping
(The drawing of names for the Hunger Games.)

S: Surviving

(the Hunger Games are all about surviving, you must survive the harsh conditions, hunger, opponents, deadly animals, etc.)

T: Tesserae
(Putting your name into the Reaping extra times to afford food for your family.)

U: Undersee

(The Mayor’s last name, and Katniss’s friend Madge Undersee, who gave her the MockingJay pin.)

V: Victor’s Village
(The housing area that Katniss will live with her family in District 12 since she won the games.)

W: Winner

(There can only be one winner in the Hunger Games…that is until Katniss changes all the rules.)

X: FoXface
(The female Tribute from District Five. She is the second to last tribute to die, after Thresh’s death, but before Cato’s.)

Y: HaYmitch
(The only living winner from district 12 and is the mentor to Katniss and Peeta – always drunk.)

Z: DiZzy
(Katniss and many others find themselves very dizzy due to blood loss, because of injuries sustained.)

What do you like about this series?