OBS has a whole new book club this month, Evermore by author Alyson Noel. The story narrates the life of Ever, your normal teenage girl who after an accident that claimed the lives of all of her family now has abilities she never dreamed of. So, in honor of this amazing book we’ve put together a list of words to guide you through Ever’s story. Enjoy!

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Brought to you by OBS staff member Chris.


Alyson Noel

A: Ava
(The physic that knows Ever’s secrets.)

B: Buttercup
(Ever’s golden retriever that died in the car accident with her family.)

C: Charming
(Damen is very charming; charismatic that is why he attracts Ever and many of her classmates.)

D: Damen Auguste
(Ever’s soul mate that is centuries old and very handsome!)

(Damen’s first wife. She tries to kill Ever.)

E: Ever Bloom
(Main Character in the novel; a 16 year-old beautiful blonde that has many issues.)

F: Fersen
(As in Count Fersen the lover of Marie Antoinette.)

G: Gorgeous

(Ever’s favorite word to describe Damen.)

H: Haven
(Ever’s best friend that is lonely and seeks attention by dressing gothic.)

I: Immortal
(A being that lives infinite, it’s what Damen and Ever are.)

J: Jeez

(A word that Ever says many times during the book.)

K: Know
(Ever wants “know” what Damen is.)

L: Laughing
(An action that Ever hardly does anymore; until she meets Damen.)

M: Miles
(Ever’s best friend that is gay and proud. He is the mediator between Haven and Ever.)

N: Near

(When Damen gets ‘near’ Ever, she doesn’t hear all the voices and the aura’s dim.)

O: Olive Skin

(Damen’s skin tone that Ever is attracted too.)

P: Poverina

(Drina’s real name. Damen’s old lover that is the one responisble for Ever’s demise in the past.)

Q: Quit
(Ever quit on being a normal teenager after the accident.)

R: Riley Bloom
(Ever’s 12 year-old sister that didn’t cross over and is a ghost trapped on earth.)


(An Immortal too, he is trying to avenge the death of Drina.)

S: Sabine

(Ever’s aunt that took her in after she lost her family in a car accident.)

T: Tulip
(The flower that represents undying love, Damen always sends them too Ever.)

U: Understand
(Ever can’t understand Damen’s motives, why he is so hot & cold with her.)

V: Van Gogh

(Damen painted next to the famous artist and Van Gogh even painted Damen’s portrait.)

W: White
(White rosebuds are what Damen gives Stacia – Ever finds out it means ignorant of love.)

X: eXplain

(Ever can’t quite explain her past to her friends, not even Damen.)

Y: psYchic
(Ever became psychic after her accident.)

Z: gaZe
(Ever always talks about Damen’s gaze.)

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