OBS is back with more A to Z and this time in honor of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse we have put together a list of words dedicated to the book. I hope that all you fans have had a chance to go see the movie, I won’t spoil it I’ll just say that David Slade was the perfect director for it 🙂 Enjoy!


Stephenie Meyer

A: Alliance
(The Cullens team up with the wolves to fight against the newborn army.)

B: Bree Tanner
(Only newborn survivor of Victoria’s army. After she tells Jane everything that she knew Felix kills her.)

(Jacob gives Bella a bracelet with a hand-carved wolf charm for graduation.)

C: Claire
(Emily’s toddler niece who imprints with Quil.)

D: Diamonds
(Bella receives a large heart-shaped diamond from Edward and there are several diamonds in her engagement ring.)

E: Engagement
(Bella and Edward become engaged after graduation.)

F: Flyers
(Mrs. Newton gives Bella the wolf flyers to throw in the Dumpster.)

G: Graduation
(Bella, Alice, Edward, and the “humans” graduate from high school.)

H: Henry
(Son of Vera, Rosalie’s best friend when she was human.)

I: Imprinting
(Jacob tells Bella what one of those bizarre things they have to deal with is imprinting.)

J: Jacksonville
(Edward makes Bella use her present to go see Renée to Jacksonville while the others chase after Victoria.)

K: Kaheleha
(Powerful Spirit Chief.)

L: Lucy
(She helped Maria put together an army of newborn, including Jasper. She later on betrays Maria and gets killed.)

Leah Clearwater
(A female member of the Quileute tribe and the only female to become a member of the pack.  Stephenie Meyer has said that her father (Harry Clearwater) had his heart attack when he learned about her becoming a wolf.)

M: Maria
(Vampire that turned Jasper back in the Civil War looking for someone to train her own newborn army.)

N: Nettie
(Bonded with Maria and Lucy, later killed by Jasper and Maria.)

O: Old-fashioned
(Bella’s ring is old-fashioned, Jacob thinks the lineage is old-fashioned, Alice would like an old-fashioned wedding, even Edward is old-fashioned.)

P: Pain

(Bella thinks of the pain Jacob is in for not being able to see her. She needs to help him.)

Q: Quileute Legends
(The stories of the Quileute spirit warriors were told at the bonfire at LaPush.)

R: Riley
(A newborn vampire created by Victoria in Seattle.)

Royce King

(Rosalie’s fiance who assaulted her and left her for dead.  She killed him after killing his friends who took part in her assault.)

S: Switzerland
(Bella refuses to be affected by territorial disputes. She’s a neutral country.)

Seth Clearwater
(Brother of Leah Clearwater and the newest and youngest member of the wolf pack.)

T: Third Wife

(The Quileute legend that stood out the most for Bella was about the third wife.)

Taha Aki
(The last great Spirit Chief. First to shape shift thanks to the help of a wolf. He died saving his tribe.)

U: Utlapa

(Part of the Quileute legends, took over Taha Aki’s body and ruled as chief until he was killed.)

V: Vera
(Rosalie’s closest friend when she was human.  She got married at seventeen, had a wonderful husband and a baby. Everything that Rosalie ever wished for.)

(Edward finally takes care of her in this book after she creates an army of newborn vampires.)

W: Witnesses
(Jacob wanted a place with witnesses so he could talk safely to Edward.)

X: eXibit A
(Jacob wishes that Sam would have taken a picture of Bella from when he found her in the woods for evidence.)

Y: Yellow Porsche
(Alice mentions how she hasn’t had the chance to drive her yellow Porsche yet.)

Z: Zero
(The number of Cullens and wolves taken out by Victoria’s army.)

Have you seen the movie? What is your favorite eclipse moment?