OBS is proud to bring you a new A-Z list that goes along with this month’s book club selection, Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning. So without further ado…here is our list of words that we thought of when we thought about Darkfever.

Darkfever A-Z

By OBS staff members Heidi & Dawn

A-Alina-Mac’s sister
An Garda Siochana – the police in Ireland which means The Guardians of Peace.

B-Barrons Books and Baubles-The book store Barron’s owns

C-Casa Blanc-One of the places Barrons takes Mac to in search for fae relics
The Clarin House – When in Ireland, Mac stays at the B&B.

D-Dark Zone-what Mac calls the abandoned neighborhood where the shades live
-Death-by-sex Fae–V’lane

E-Endanger-The Unseelie being released in to the world are endangering everyone.

F-Fae-Unleelie and Seelie
-Fiona-Runs Barrons Books and Baubles

G-Georgia-Where Alina & Mac are from
– Grey Man-An unseelie that drains beauty from women

H-Help-Mac is trying to help the Garda solve her sister’s murder


J-Jericho Barrons-sexy and cocky man that is trying to help Mac survive

K– KILL the Unseelie – that’s what all the sidhe-seers are meant to do.

L-Lord Master-An unknown person that is bringing the Unseelie into this world

– Many mouthed thing-An unseelie that Mac encounters
– Malluce-a self-proclaimed vampire

N-Nobody–that’s who Mac knows she can trust.

O-OOPs-Objects of Power
O’Connor-What that strange old lady says is Mac’s last name

P– Pink – Mac’s favorite color.
Petunia – Mac’s name for ass.

Q– Quit-Mac briefly thinks of quitting her search and going home, but knows she can’t and Barrons would never let her

R-Rocky O’banion-mobster Mac & Barrons steal from

S-Seelie-the lighter fae
-Sinsar Dubh-the book everyone is searching for
-Sidhe-seer-someone that can see past fae glamor

T – Tuatha De

U-Unseelie-The Dark fae

V-V’lane-sexy fae prince

W-White-the color everything inside Casa Blanc is

X– seX appeal-Jericho oozes it out his pores

Y-Young-both Mac and Alina were young when they came to Ireland to be faced with all of this

Z-zzzzzz’s-something you will be missing while reading this series

Are you a Fever fan?  What do you like the best about it?