Cassandra Clare

Clary Fray finds herself attracted by this mysterious blue-haired boy one night while she’s out having fun with her best friend Simon. Suddenly she notices that he is being followed by two handsome boys when he sneaks into a storage room with a girl. Filling that something is wrong she runs to help him, but everything changes ones she opens that door, finding inside demons, Shadowhunters and the even more mysterious Jace.

A: Alec Lightwood
(Shadowhunter and brother to Isabelle. He is Jace’s best friend and doesn’t really like Clary at first.)


(Peace negotiations between the Shadowhunters and Downworlders.)

B: Blond
(The color of Jace’s hair which is also curly.)

(Where Clary is form.)

C: Clarissa ‘Clary’ Fray
(Main character in the series. She is a normal human girl that gets caught up in the world of Shadowhunters after her mother is kidnapped.)

D: Downworlders
(Half human & half demon; generic name for the Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks, Fey.)

Dorothea, Madame
(Seer that lives downstairs from Clary. She might not be a real witch but knows more than she tells. Dorothea and Jocelyn had secrets.)

E: Electrum Whip
(Silvery-Gold whip that Isabelle uses in battle with others, it was given to her by her father.)

F: Forsaken
(Warriors that originally are human but apply Runes to their skin to transform. Some humans go insane from the transformation.)

G: Gay
(This concept is represented in the novels by the characters of Magnus & Alec.)

(Clary describes the Forsaken that attacks her at her house as a  fairytale giant.)

H: Hodge Starkweather
(Once was on Valentine’s side, but became the kids mentor at the institute.)

I: Isabelle Lightwood
(A Shadowhunter and sister to Alec. She is very beautiful and rebellious.)

J: Jace Wayland

(The other main character. A Shadowhunter who lives with his adopted family the Lightwoods. He quickly becomes Clary’s love interest.)

Jocelyn ‘Fray’ Fairchild
(Clary’s mom and Valentine’s wife. She was once a Shadowhunter, but after the Uprising fled Idris.)

K: Kali
(Statuette of the Indian goddess of destruction, one of Clary’s favorite from Luke’s collection.)

L: Luke Garroway
(Also known as Lucian Graymark. Once was a right hand man to Valentine but was bit by a werewolf. Later became good friends with Jocelyn and Cary’s “uncle”.)

M: Magnus Bane
(The High Warlock of Brooklyn, he is very flamboyant character that plays a very important role in the series.)

Mortal Cup
(One of the mortal instruments Valentine is looking for. It was used to create the Shaodwhunters.)


(The Lightwoods youngest son.)

N: Nephilim
(Humans that are part angel.)

O: Ordinary Runes

(Clary has the gift to make ordinary runes extra special.)

P: Portals

(A magical doorway to get to other worlds or places.)


(Night club where Clary first saw the blue haired demon, Jace, Alec and Isabelle.)

Q: Quick

(Isabelle is known for how quick she is with her whip.)

R: Raphael
(Leader of the New York Vampire clan, he’s Spanish and deadly.)


(Scaled demon that attacked Jocelyn and almost killed Clary at her apartment.)

S: Stele

(A blade that writes the Runes on the nephilim bodies.)

(Clary’s best friend. He gets turned in to a rat at Magnus party.)

T: Tarot cards
(Jocelyn gave them to Madame Dorothea as a gift and then she read Clary and Jace’s fortune with them. They also hold a secret within them.)

U: Uprising

(The name for the event that Valentine caused.)

V: Valentine Morgenstern
(The evil nephilim that started a war and is Clary’s real father.)

W: Wayland
(The last name Jace uses, even though it’s not his real birth name.)

X: St. Xavier
(The school that Clary attended before her life turned upside down.)

Y: Young
(Clary and her companions are very young when the series starts.)

Z: Zip

(Jace is able to zip around his opponents, he is described as very quick.)

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