A Touch Of Flame

The Cowboys of Colorado, Book #2

By Jo Goodman

ISBN13: 9780399584299

Author Website: jogoodman(.)com

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USA Today bestselling author Jo Goodman returns to the gunslinging outlands of A Touch of Frost with a sizzling new romance where the new town doctor learns there’s nothing she likes better than a run-in with the law.

Dr. E. Ridley Woodhouse is like no physician Ben Madison has ever met—she’s a woman. As the newly elected sheriff of Frost Falls, Colorado, Ben is tasked with welcoming Ridley to the community. But while Ben might be tempted by the new doc’s charms, getting the town to accept a big-city, female doctor is no easy feat. To earn their trust she’ll have to prove herself and Ben determines to help her…even if she’s the most stubborn woman he’s ever met.

When the husband of one of Ridley’s patients threatens her, forbidding Ridley from treating his wife or children, all of Ben’s protective instincts kick in. Ridley has come to rely on Ben’s steady presence and the delicious tension that simmers just below the surface of their easy friendship—but as much as she trusts that his warnings to steer clear of Jeremiah Salt are sincere, she’s never been one to back down from a challenge and she refuses to abandon her patient.  

But sticking to your guns can earn you trouble in the rough terrain of the Wild West, and danger threatens Ridley from unexpected places, forcing Ben to confront his deepest fear in order to save the woman he loves.  (Goodreads)


When Ben agrees to help get the new doctor get settled in, he figures it will be easy, a piece of cake.  That is until he meets the doctor and finds out that the he is a she.  He does know how the fine folks of Frost Falls, Colorado, will react, but he is pretty sure will not be all sunshine and roses.   But he will do the best he can to make the transition as easy as possible. 

Dr. E. Ridley Woodhouse is definitely a woman, and she accepted the position of being the new doctor for Frost Falls.  She knows it will not be easy, but she feels she is up to the challenge.  She does not know what to make of Ben, he appears to be in her corner but he cannot make people accept her.  She not only has to be a good doctor, she also has to figure out a way to be accepted.  That is a tall order.

The characters are well rounded and well developed.  I really enjoyed getting to know Ridley and Ben.  They are both great people and want to help others.  I really liked the way they bickered, that was quite funny.  I enjoyed getting to know Ben’s mother and Mr. Butterworth, they added a lot to add to the story.  Ridley and Ben had a lot of work to do to keep the people of Frost Falls safe and healthy and they did a great job.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted  women’s contemporary book.  I have to read the first book in this series.  

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