4 star rating
A Roux of Revenge
Soup Lover’s Mystery, Book #3
By Connie Archer
ISBN# 9780425252420
Author’s Website:  www.conniearchermysteries.com

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Kim

a-roux-of-revenge-soup-lovers-mystery-connie-archerNothing better than a book that brings you a good romance, mystery and recipes!!!. If you like the a fore mentioned items then you are going to love this book. You open up with a suspicious accident and then it goes from there into the little town of Snowflake, where you walk into a cozy little restaurant called, By the Spoonful Soup Shop.

 By the Spoonful Soup Shop is owned by Lucky and at the door you will find her grandfather, Jack Jamieson who helps her out. Lucky had to come back home to take over the shop after her parents died in an accident a few months before and is decorating the shop for the October holidays.

In a small town like Snowflake the shop is where regulars go to pass the time of day and share the daily gossip and on this particular day the gossip is big. Lucky’s grandfather is good friends with Nate Edgerton the Chief of police of Snowflake and he mentions the accident and Lucky listens in and finds out that there was no accident, the man was shot. Nate doesn’t know where to start with the investigation because the town is hosting a fall festival and all kinds of people are in town. You have the travelers who stay to themselves, you have the vendors from the next town over and you have the people who are there just to enjoy the music, fun and games.

Janie Leonard is one of the waitresses that helps Lucky out and is decorating the Spoonful when she notices a stranger starring at her from across the street and she’s just spooked at first because he looks familiar but when she sees him again the following day she is terrified. She tells Lucky that she’s been seeing him everywhere around town and not sure but she thinks he’s following her. From there things go from bad to worse to a downright nightmare for Janie, Lucky and the residents of Snowflake.

Now Janie’s gone missing, the body of the “accident” victim is missing and now the vehicle that it happened in has gone missing. What?!! Something is not right in Snowflake but by the time you finish this book your heart will melt, your belly will be warmed and all will be right in the town of Snowflake.

You are introduced to the personalities of the townsfolks and then you are not lead into their lives, but thrown into their lives like most are hiccups of trouble and growing pains, sometimes it pull people apart and sometimes it can throw them together. You just are going to have to read this and see what it does to the lives of the Snowflake resident’s and if you’re like me, I think you are going to enjoy this book.

Oh, by the way recipes are included, yummy!!!

*OBS wants to thank the publisher for supplying a print copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*