3 Star rating
A Perfect Blood
The Hollows, Book #10
By Kim Harrison
ISBN# 9780061957895
Author’s Website:  http://www.kimharrison.net/

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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

a-perfect-blood-the-hollows-kim-harrisonRachel has finally accepted that she is a demon and is trying to find a way to fit into reality and prove that not all demons have to be bad.  If only people would believe her.

When she least expects it she is brought in on a case.  A disfigured witch looking part human and part monster was found tied up in a public gazebo.  There have been several murders like this one.  Rachel quickly learns the reason she was brought in on the case was because the I.S. thought she was responsible.  Now she has to find the culprit or the I.S. will pin all the murders on her; going as far as placing hair at the scene to incriminate her.  Rachel enlists Glenn’s help forcing the I.S. and FIB to work together whether they want to or not!

An Inderlander hate group is trying to figure out how to make demon blood so they can eliminate all Inderlanders one species at a time. The murders are the results of their experiments.  But when Rachel gets kidnapped by the ones responsible she discovers the situation is worse than she ever imagined!  And, now they have exactly what they want; the perfect weapon, Rachel’s blood and she gets to see first hand how they can use it against the species of the Hollows.  She must find a way to escape and end her captors’ madness before all of the Inderlander population is irradiated.

I have to say that this was a pretty good Hollows book.  I found the storyline with the Inderlander hating humans trying to use Rachel’s blood to end the various species to be an interesting and unique idea.  It was nice to see Rachel on a run again as she’s been so busy defending herself that she hasn’t had the opportunity in what seems like ages.  I found the book entertaining overall.

And I really am enjoying this growing relationship between Rachel and Trent!  I love seeing him being protective and worried about her.  Seeing his anger when he discovered Eloy had hurt her was priceless, and I was glad Trent got a few whacks in himself to help pay him back.  I’m also curious to see how the rest of this ring charm Trent made plays out.  I can’t help, but think there is more to it than what we saw in this book.

I like Trent as a dad, but find it weird when they call him Ray’s dad also or when they call Ceri Lucy’s mom.  I understand them raising them as sisters, but it comes off kind of strange to me and I feel a little bad for Quen considering he really is Ray’s dad, but doesn’t get acknowledged as such.

I also think there will be more in the future with Al and Winona.  Could Al find love?  Maybe Trent really would be able to save the demon race then, helping to secure Rachel’s freedom.

I guess only time will tell, but it does make me interested to see what will happen in the next full-length installment, Ever After.