Title: A Model Death

Series: Anna Sweet Mystery

By: Brenda Chapman

ISBN: 9781771530071

Author Website: brendachapman(.)ca

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Against her better judgment, Anna Sweet accepts a date with the secretive Nick Roma, office manager for Storm Investigations. But before they can meet up, the body of Nick’s ex-girlfriend is found near a lake. Rumours swirl that Nick was hounding his ex to get back together…and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. The police are convinced that Nick is the killer, but Anna agrees to take on his case. Her investigation will take her deep into Nick Roma’s past and onto the set of a reality TV show. Will she be able to prove Nick is innocent or will her investigation put him behind bars for life? (Goodreads)


A Model Death is the fourth book in the Anna Sweet Mystery series.

I really appreciate the fact that Ms. Chapman includes enough backstory to this book (and frankly, the prior books in this series as well) to allow the reader to be able to pick up from this book onwards in the series. A brief character history / description as to how they fit into Anna Sweet’s world is incorporated within the current story so I felt like I knew the characters.

Anna Sweet is venturing into long forgotten territory – having a date… a date with a co-worker no less. Storm Investigations hired Nick Roma a while ago but he keeps his past and current life close to the vest. Anna is interested but with trepidation. As time keeps ticking and Nick is late for their first date, Anna starts to get annoyed until she gets a call from Jada where she says that Nick is being held at the police station downtown for the murder of his ex-girlfriend.

Nick claims he is innocent and from here Anna sets out to prove his innocence – even when she has doubts.

The story, albeit short, has a depth that surprised me. The story is succinct in its delivery and I found it intriguing with many potential suspects (over and above Nick). Surprisingly, I was baffled by whodunit until the very end. 

Another fine read by Brenda Chapman. Can’t wait to read book 5 in the Anna Sweet Mystery seriesNo Trace.