Act V – Written by Caro

Scene I

Hippolyta and Theseus find everything that they’ve heard strange. While they wait for the bed time Theseus wonders what dances they’ll have and calls for Philostrate who gives him a paper with several plays. Some have already been played and others don’t go with the nuptial ceremony. He finally chooses “A tedious brief scene of young Pyramus, and his love Thisbe; very tragical mirth.” Philostrate confesses that the rehearsal of this play made his eyes water, but still he doesn’t want the Duke to see it. Theseus insists and Philostrate leaves to later return with Quince who starts with the prologue. Theseus, Hippolyta and Lysander don’t like how the prologue is said and quickly ask who is next. Pyramus and Thisbe enter along with Wall, Moonshine and Lion while the prologue introduces them. Pyramus and Thisbe perform their parts of tragic lovers. Hippolyta thinks of this the silliest thing she’s ever heard. Thisbe enters the scene again and is scared away by Lion leaving behind her mantle to shaken by him. When Pyramus comes and finds it stained with blood he thinks that his beloved Thisbe is dead. With his sword he stabs himself and dies. The viewers talk among themselves while he lies dead saying that maybe with a surgeon he could still recover. Then Thisbe re-enters finding her love thinking that he is asleep, but after no response she confirms him dead and with his, she stabs herself dying by his side. Bottom asks the Duke if he would like to hear the epilogue, but he denies. Puck enters and after a few words the King and Queen of the Fairies come in to sing and dance for the well being of the new couples, blessing their love. Puck finishes saying that if the shadows have offended all will be mended.


What did you think of the play preformed for the Duke and his guest? Anything particular that caught your interest?

What do you think of the viewers (Theseus, Lysander, Demetrius, etc.) talking through the play? Don’t you think they would have enjoyed it more without commenting so much?

What do you think of Puck’s last words of them offending and mending? Who do you think they are directed too?

Anything you would like to discuss about this scene?

What was your favorite quote?

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