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A Midnight Clear

Last Chance

By Hope Ramsay

ISBN: 9781455564934

A Midnight Clear

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Dr. Tom Crawford isn’t feeling the spirit of the season when he arrives in Last Chance. Far from friends and family, he’s the odd man out in this town of gossiping, tight-knit Southerners-until he meets a sweetly sexy single mom who makes him feel welcome. Suddenly the handsome doctor is thinking he’s finally found a place to call home.

Local florist Teri Summers has her hands full of mistletoe in preparation for the holiday, yet finding someone to kiss is her last priority. But when the gorgeous new doctor makes a connection with her special needs son, Aiden, Teri finds herself wondering if she’s finally found happiness in this season of joy. For Teri and Tom, Last Chance may be their best chance at love . . .



I loved this delightful Christmas themed short story.  Teri is a single mom of a little boy Aiden who has autism. She has had to cope mainly on her own and learn by trial and error what Aiden can tolerate. When he gets brought into emergency she comes face to face with the new Yankee Dr. who seems to understand what she is going through. He is handsome, caring and seems to truly want to help however when he wants to let Aiden follow his obsession with angels Teri freaks out and wants him to back off .When her family suggest that she stay home for Christmas due to Aiden’s disruptive behavior   Teri is at wits end trying to find out how to give Aiden a Christmas without the color red, candles and the usual Christmas dining fare, all that she knows will bring hysterical outbursts. Living in Last Chance the matchmakers are at work and maybe a Christmas miracle can happen.

Tom has come to Last Chance on a two year program. He too had suffered in childhood having lost his leg to cancer. As a result he believes in the power of Angels. He feels that children really do have a connection to other powers. When Aiden tells him he has to be at the town’s center on Christmas Eve to meet his angel he encourages Teri to let him. When she turns him away he also gets advice from the town’s match makers to mend the situation.  Maybe Last Chance will bring joy and happiness to all.

Although a romance I loved the way the author brought in the chemistry between Teri and Tom and their stories without the need for a lot of sex.  This is a great book to curl up with a cup of cocoa when you have a few minutes of peace during the Christmas rush. A super stocking stuffer!