A Glimpse of the Dream

By L.A. Fiore

ISBN#   9781503944299

Author’s Website:  https://www.lafiorepublishing.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

*Beware of possible spoilers*

Teagan Harper’s world had come crashing to an end (or so she thought) when she arrived at Raven’s Peak to live after her parents had died.  She was only 9 years old and was completely devastated.  But there was a boy a few years older that lived there too, Kane Doyle.  Kane instantly knew how to put her at ease and they become fast friends and quickly became inseparable!  As the two got older, their feelings only grew stronger.  But eventually Teagan went off to Boston for college, the same university her parents had attended.  Kane was going to follow her after he got things squared away and he even proposed to her before she left!  They were on cloud nine until it all fell apart.

Teagan was swamped with schoolwork and was struggling to pass so she had to skip her trip home for Thanksgiving and soon after, Kane stopped calling her.  Eventually he did call her to end their relationship saying that he met someone else.  Teagan couldn’t believe it, but eventually she had to accept it and try to move on.

She dated, but nobody was like her Kane and she could never fully give herself to anybody, but him, after all he still had possession of her heart.  But luckily Teagan had her friendship with Simon to keep her going.  They became roommates and eventually even went into business together.  Without him she may have never survived her breakup with Kane.

Years later Teagan gets called home when Mrs. Marks, the lady who had raised her and Kane, ends up in the hospital.  While Teagan’s there she discovers Kane’s big secret, the one that forced him to push her away and has kept them apart all these years.  Now it’s time to see what they are both made of and if they can overcome the betrayals of the past.

This was another great read by L.A. Fiore.  I love my emotional reads and I’m quickly learning that I can rely on her for that!

I loved ‘watching’ Kane and Tea grow up together and seeing their love truly bloom.  They were just too stinking adorable.  I especially loved Kane (I do always like the men better after all) he was a sweet kid that hardened a bit as he aged, but luckily we do get to see that sweet boy again toward the end of the book only he’s all grown up by then!  I loved how even as a young man when Tea left he had gone above and beyond to make their dreams become reality.  If only he wouldn’t have given it up at the first hurdle he faced.  I understand why he did what he did, but it does make you want to smack him a little bit!  There had to be a less hurtful way of pushing her away. Right?  Although the less hurtful options may not have been nearly as effective.

I also really enjoyed Simon!  He was similar enough to Kane for Teagan to feel a connection with him, but not so much that it was painful or forced.  And he being gay helped negate any weird tension between the two.  I loved how they can joke around with each other and he brought a lot of humor to the book.

“What are you looking at?”

“I was thinking about becoming a lady of the night.”


“There’s actually an ad looking for one. Can you believe it? It pays a grand a week.”

“Shit, for a grand a week, “I’ll become a lady of the night.”

But I also like how quick he was to protect Teagan as well.

I know in fiction novels everything always manages to work itself out, miracles happen and the unfixable gets fixed.  I was kind of hoping that would happen for Kane in this book regarding a pretty important aspect of his life, but sadly it didn’t.  But everything else got wrapped up in a nice shiny bow, almost a little too perfect the way things worked out.  This book definitely gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling by the time it’s over and I would happily recommend it to my friends to read!

Another great read from this great author, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her work!