A Ghoul’s Guide to Love and Murder

Ghost Hunter Mystery, Book #10

By Victoria Laurie

ISBN# 9780451470126

Author’s Website:  http://www.victorialaurie.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

a-ghouls-guide-to-love-and-murderI’m not a huge fan of cozy mysteries in general, but this is one of the series that I really enjoy.  So, you can imagine the devastation that came over me when I read the acknowledgments at the beginning of the book (something I normally don’t read) where the author reveals that this is the FINAL installment of the Ghost Hunter series!  No!!  The horror of it all!

In this installment, the Ghoul Getters crew has gotten their first checks from the movie, money that is allowing Heath and MJ to retire once and for all! And, to fund Gilley’s extravagant wedding to Michel.

MJ and Heath took a three week vacation, where they got married in secret!  They don’t want to spread their news until after Gilley’s wedding … but that could be an incredibly long wait!

But while Heath and MJ were away, a producer contacted Gilley asking for a special something to add to the museum exhibit that was created to promote the new movie that’s getting ready to be released in theaters.  So Gilley gave them the dagger out of the office safe … the one that houses a Turkish Warlord and his demon!!  And, it’s stolen from the exhibit before MJ and Heath can get it back!  Now all the ghouls they’ve locked away in the past are coming through the portal in the dagger and coming after MJ!!  And they can’t lock them back down until they find who stole the dagger and recover it once and for all!

This was a good read that kept me interested.

I was happy to see more of MJ and Heath’s relationship and how they interact in general.  I love seeing Heath’s protective side coming out as well.

And it wouldn’t be a Ghost Hunter mystery without flamboyant Gilley, flapper dress and all!  It was nice to see him a bit more grown up in this one.  Yes he still screamed like a little girl whenever a spook came near, but he wasn’t nearly as whiny as we’ve seen him in the past.  And he really manned up to help protect his girl, MJ.

This book really didn’t read as a series finale to me.  I was expecting a big epilogue to tie everything up in a nice neat bow, but that just never happened.  I felt there was some loose ends that needed tying up.  I was really hoping for a glimpse of the future as there are a couple big events coming up in the characters’ lives that we aren’t going to be a part of. *Sniff*

But all in all this was a good read and any fans of the series will be sure to enjoy it!