A Fistful of Frost

Rebecca Chastain

Book 3 of Madison Fox, Illuminant Enforcer

ISBN 978-0-9992385-6-1


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With a freak cold snap covering the region she’s sworn to protect, Madison Fox, Illuminant Enforcer is back for her third sojourn in A Fistful of Frost.  With Jamie, her half evil pooka ward, she must labor through the icy cold, caused by an influx of frost moths, and battle tyv drones, all whilst functioning under the watchful eye of an inspector. Needless to say, Madison is in for the fight of her life. The third book in the Madison Fox series of urban fantasies by best-seller Rebecca Chastain, will have new readers finding this book instantly accessible while those who have followed Madison’s adventures through her first two and a half trials will delight in yet another brisk read and yet another fantastic tale of magic and mayhem set against the backdrop of a world we think we know.

The characters in the story are fully fleshed out – even more so if you have had the pleasure of reading the previous two and a half installments, the novels A Fistful of Evil and A Fistful of Fire, and the novella A Fistful of Flirtations. Madison is her worrisome self, second guessing herself at every turn and always looking out for herself and Jamie, her pooka charge. Jamie, being a supernatural creature behaves as erratically as one would expect from a half evil, half good creature. The supporting cast is also fleshed out.  Brad, her boss is ever mindful of his district, Valentine, the sentient book is as sarcastic as ever, Niko is calm and cool and collected, and Summer Potts is the pleasantly irritating inspector sent to look over Madison’s performance. The character all speak in their own voices and distinguishing who is speaking never seems to be an issue.  The characters, if you have read the previous two and a half books have grown through trials and tribulations and their performance in this novel, the greatest threat they have faced yet, is simply less than stellar.

The plot is well constructed. The chapters flow into each other seamlessly, and without jarring action. Action and tension build higher and higher towards the harrowing climax and the denouement is satisfying and completes the book. With all the action taking place in the novel, one would think that there would easily be a place in which confusion would reign. Rebecca Chastain skillfully weaves her tale precisely so this doesn’t happen. With clear and concise prose, nothing is left unresolved, and there isn’t an action that doesn’t have a repercussion in the book. A Fistful of Frost is a drastic stepping stone in the Madison Fox, Illuminant Enforcer series, upping the ante at every turn of the page. It has a great introduction for readers who have not read the previous adventures of Ms. Fox and, by the same token, refreshes fans of the series. As mentioned before, there are two novels, and a novella preceding this work, and although there is mention of past occurrences, New readers will find an ample amount of back peddling done for them.

The prose is brisk and fast paced. A light read, A Fistful of Frost should take any more than a day or so to read. If you happen to be a quick reader, it can be fully digested in a few hours. The writing style is down to earth and solid, very rarely treading the light fantastic – a novelty in urban fantasy where sometimes the nature of the material can overwhelm the writing style simply because it is fantastical. By keeping the nature of the fantasy simple and easily grasped, the writing flows a lot more smoothly than other books in the genre. Overall, Chastain has to be commended for her writing style in ease of access, brisk flow, and always hinting at the next tumultuous event.

For fans of urban fantasy, or fantasy novels in general, A Fistful of Frost (and a shameless plug for the preceding two novels and novella) will definitely whet your appetite. From characters, to an astounding plot that is a nice brisk read, Rebecca Chastain offers a bright glimpse of illumination in a saturated field. The adventures of Madison will delight and thrill newcomers and old hands alike. The novel definitely earns its five star rating, and will leave you clamoring for more. In this reviewer’s opinion, this is a hands down winner, and fans of Jim Butcher, Ivan Amberlake, and the like, will feel quite at home within the confines of the urban fantasy setting. Overall, Rebecca Chastain’s  A Fistful of Frost is a riveting ride that readers shouldn’t miss.