A Fifth for the 4th of July

By Doug Olsen

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra                   


Nelson helps Pam get the right old whiskey for her fathers 90th birthday present on the 4th of July. And deal with the con-man who sold her a counterfeit Rebel Yell Bourbon. (Goodreads)


A Fifth for the 4th of July is a short story about Pam trying to get a very special present for her father’s 90th birthday – a bottle of Rebel Yell Bourbon.

The story begins with author Nelson who “often gets involved with solving mysteries like some detective”. Nelson was craving a buttered French roll from Café La France in Rhode Island, where an old friend, Pam lives. So off goes Nelson for the weekend to have his French roll and a visit with Pam. Pam is fretting over getting a present for her dad’s 90th birthday.  Apparently, her data was the inspiration for a top 100 western song, Faster Horses.

The song is about an old-time cowboy who proclaimed the mystery of life is… Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, more money.”

So now Pam is on a quest to get a fifth of old Rebel Yell Bourbon (called Stizel juice) Throughout Pam’s journey, the reader is rooting for her – regardless of the obstacles that she encounters. You will have to read this short story on your own to experience the journey as well as the conclusion for yourself.

I must say, it was an okay read that distracted this reader for a short time.

The cover art drew this reader to the book. Reading the biography on Goodreads about the author Doug Olsen led me to discover what a varied past Mr. Olsen has had:

Doug is Chemical Engineer with several patents and has designed several major facilities. He has been a motivational speaker, a bookseller, and for a short time was even a busker, a street musician in Seattle.

Even busking in Seattle (an interesting art form which I enjoy immensely) so I may well pick up one of his full-length novels and give it a try.