3 Star rating
A Fatal Slip
Sweet Nothings Lingerie Mystery, Book #3
By Meg London
ISBN# 9780425252475
Author’s Website:  http://www.meglondon.com/

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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

a-fatal-slip-sweet-nothings-lengerie-meg-londonEmma and Arabella have struck retail gold once again with their men only Valentine’s Day sale, as the men that usually avoid their lingerie shop timidly come into shop for their lady loves.  But neither Emma nor Arabella expected a blast from Arabella’s past to come walking through the door!

One of Arabella’s former boyfriend’s, wealthy art dealer, Hugh Granger is back in town, and his wife is throwing him a huge birthday party at an upscale hotel to celebrate!  But when Hugh is murdered at his own party, Arabella becomes the number one suspect, forcing Emma to mount her own investigation to find out exactly what happened!

This is another cute addition to this cozy mystery series.  Emma and Liz are their usual nosey selves taking up the task of working for the Grangers so they have better access to the rich family and to give themselves more opportunity to snoop!  I was kind of surprised how openly they discussed their snooping to one another while on the job, I’d be too paranoid I was under surveillance of some kind, but they had no qualms about it.  I was also shocked to see how chatty the Granger’s maid was!  You’d think working for such a wealthy family, that’s she’d know how to keep her mouth shut!  But without her, Emma wouldn’t have much to work with in her investigation!

We also got to meet Emma’s mom, Priscilla, in this installment.  Priscilla really made Emma second-guess her life in small town Paris, making her wonder if she could be truly happy living there forever.  But between what’s going on in her mom’s personal life and another loved one getting into an accident, Emma quickly makes up her mind and realizes what’s important!

Brian and Emma are finally a couple now!   Although they still seem to be taking their sweet time, things are finally starting to happen and there are hints of kicking things into gear for the duo! Finally!

Overall, this was a good installment in the series.  It wasn’t blow your socks off caliber, but it kept my interest, and the story was cute.  I think any cozy mystery fan will definitely enjoy it.