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This week I am back in an all new interview, in which I had a fun chat with author A.D. Trosper and her book Bound By Time, first in the Bound SeriesHere we talked about the characters of Bound By Time, the idea and research behind it, dreams, food, more books in the series, and more. Enjoy!

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adtrosper_authorCaro: Where did the idea for Bound by Time come from?

A.D. Trosper: My mother had sent me a picture of a round, stained glass window on Facebook. That picture actually sparked two, completely different story ideas, although the second won’t actually have a stained glass window in the story. For Bound by Time though, the picture sent a demon infested window rolling around in my head. Then one day the characters for the story showed up, pushed their way to the front and demanded to be written right then.

 Caro: How much fun was it doing the research for this book and how long did it took? Because just by reading the author’s notes I was already imagining myself going to all the places mentioned, which I would like to think that so did you, apart from actually traveling to some.

A.D. Trosper: The research for this book was actually a lot of fun. I’ve never been to any of the places in the book other than Wichita, Kansas. When I started the research, I wasn’t even sure what I was researching. I just knew I needed something from the past. Somehow I stumbled across the saint and there was so much mystery surrounding his death I knew that was going to be the catalyst that would set everything in motion.

Caro: I have really come to like your fight scenes in your books. How do you get inspired when it comes to writing them? Do you watch movie action scenes and then let your characters know that more bruises are coming? 🙂

A.D. Trosper: I never feel like I write fight scenes as well I would like to. I actually don’t find watching movie fight scenes to be of much help for the most part. Somehow they just come together as I reside in the head of the POV character.

Caro: I became very much fond of the characters of Bound by Time. Those Dark Angels definitely know how to win the readers over. What is your process for creating characters for a new story or a sequel in a series?

A.D. Trosper: I don’t create characters. I know that seems like a weird thing to say since I’m the author, but I don’t. They show up in my head, introduce themselves and then start telling me their back story. I once needed a group of seven men for a council in another book. Almost as soon as I thought it, seven men filed into my brain, stopping to shake hands with the mental me and telling me their names. I wrote down their names as each walked away and then told them to go stand over there to the side until I needed them.

Caro: Which characters were easier to write about and which just didn’t want to cooperate?

A.D. Trosper: Damien, Isobel, and Lucian were the easiest to write. They practically leapt onto the computer. Isaac and Amelia were more difficult to write for some reason.

Caro: Do you tend to experience recurring dreams? (I/N:Yes, I did 🙂 My bad spelling.)

A.D. Trosper: Did you mean recurring dreams? If so, then yes I do. I have recurring cat dreams. In it, there is some sort of imminent danger bearing down on us. Sometimes I know what the danger is; sometimes it’s just some vague thing. Anyway, no matter what it is, we have to leave in a hurry but we have like a thousand cats we are trying to round up and get in the car and about the time we get the last one in, two more manage to jump out. It’s exhausting.

I have a couple of other recurring dreams as well.

I’m a lucid dreamer, which means I always know when I’m dreaming and usually have a great deal of control over them. However with my recurring dreams, although I know I’m dreaming and often think, “Oh it’s this dream again.” I don’t have the ability to step out of them like I do other dreams.

OBS Caro: This I had to ask out of fun. What has been the most interesting combination of ingredients in a sandwich that you’ve had?

A.D. Trosper: Peanut butter and Miracle Whip. I know, it sounds gross but it’s really very tasty.

Caro: Last time you were kind enough to let us in on some outtakes of Embers at Galdrilene, do you have any curious facts about Bound by Time?

A.D. Trosper: Bound by Time fell into place very easily. The opening scene in the book and the food fight scene though were both added later on the advice of Beta readers. One other thing about this book is how fast the first draft was written. The character wanted written so badly, they refused to give me a moments rest. I wrote the entire 70,000 word first draft in ten days and that is with two days taken off to read other books. I wrote the first 50,000 words in five days. I was crazy and exhausting and honestly I hope I never write that much at one time again.

Caro: Is Bound by Time a stand alone book or are you planning on making it a series?

A.D. Trosper: Bound by Time is a stand alone in that it wraps everything up in this book. However it is also the beginning of a series. Each book will encapsulate a story and focus on different characters. However, it will still be a series that will be better understood if read from the beginning. Bound by Legend, the second book which I hope to release later this year, will focus on Lucian though Damien and Isobel will still play a part in it.

Caro: Can you tell us about your upcoming projects or if you’re working on new ones at the moment?

A.D. Trosper: Upcoming projects are Ashes and Spirits, the third book in my Dragon’s Call series which will be coming out this year and Bound by Legend, the second book in the Bound Novels which will also be releasing later this year. I also have two more books already planned in the Bound Novels, two separate stand alone stories in different genres and maybe, at some point in the future, another Dragon’s Call book.

Caro: Thank you for letting me, once more, read one of your amazing stories. I really enjoyed the intense emotions Isobel, Damien, Lucian and the rest conveyed until the end. They’re fighters.

A.D. Trosper: You are most welcome. Thank you so much for reviewing another of my books and for having me for an interview.

  • For more information about the author and her books visit her at her Official Website here.


Yes, a Lucian book! I was really hoping for Isobel’s threats to him to come true, and I have a feeling that in this new book we might just see it. Thank you to author A..D. Trosper for an amazing interview!